Many People are Hoping that the First Time will not be the Last Time

???????????????????????????????Karen Ruammit Church in Muang District of Chiang Rai Province hosted the most recent Equipping the Saints (ETS) training that was conducted by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).  On August 23, 2014 Pastor Genu Chaleamliamthong welcomed 109 people into his church to learn more about doing evangelism from the LHMT team.  Most of the participants were members of the Karen hill tribe and came from 6 churches, 2 preaching stations and 1 school in that area.

Throughout the day the LHMT team enjoyed leading the 7 workshop modules and getting to know everyone who attended.  In addition to learning what the Bible says about why and how to do evangelism, everyone had a good time doing various activities, practicing the outreach methods they learned, singing Christian songs and worshiping together.

At the end of the day the people were thankful for all they learned during the training and were eager to be able to use the information and ideas to share their faith with their families, friends and other people in their communities.  A total of 106 participants signed up to begin receiving the encouraging Gospel text messages on their mobile phones every week and 47 people became LHMT commissioned volunteers in their areas.

This was the first time that LHMT did an ETS workshop in Chiang Rai Province.  Because Pastor Genu and many others asked the LHMT director to bring the team back to do another training there, the LHMT team may return for a second time.  Those who attended this time are hoping that the next training will be a 2-day workshop.

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