New Connection for Sharing the Gospel

Mr. Prawit Chularangsi, the speaker of "The Cheerful Life'

LHMT radio speaker recording a Christian radio program

On July 22, 2014 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) received an email from Mr. Natchapat Prasing.  Mr. Natchapat is a representative from the Buengkan Province Branch of Taihua Rubber Company.

Recently speakers were installed throughout Taihua’s Buengkan factory, so that Mr. Natchapat could play music for the workers during their lunch break and share good news about God with them.  Mr. Natchapat knew that LHMT produces Christian radio programs, so he sent the email to request copies of all of our radio programs.  Mr. Natchapat wants to use the LHMT radio programs as a way of sharing the good news about God every day with all 300 workers in his factory.

The LHMT director and staff were very happy to receive this request and immediately sent copies of the radio programs to Mr. Natchapat.  We thank God that our radio programs are being used in this way.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will open the minds and soften the hearts of the workers in the factory and bring them to faith in Jesus.


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