Saying Love on Mother’s Day

Two ladies who wrote notes to their mothers

Two ladies who wrote notes to their mothers

In Thailand August 12 is Mother’s Day, because it is the Thai queen’s birthday.  It is a national holiday and a time when special honor is given to mothers.  Teachers invite mothers to attend programs at the schools, during which the students show respect to their mothers.  People travel all across Thailand to visit their mothers.  Most mothers receive sweet smelling jasmine flowers from their children.

Every year the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff conduct special activities on important holidays.  This is one way for them to meet people and to have opportunities to share the Gospel.

Son giving artificial jasmine pin to his mother

Son giving artificial jasmine pin to his mother

From August 6-8, 2014 the LHMT team set up a table along the street in front of the Thailand ministry center in preparation for Mother’s Day.  People passing the ministry center were invited to write a note to their mothers in free cards provided by LHMT.  LHMT also provided postage stamps and mailed the cards at the post office, so the mothers would receive them by August 12.

In the Mother’s Day cards was a message telling how special mothers are and a Bible verse.  A total of 41 people wrote personal notes to their mothers, some of whom live far away in other provinces in Thailand.

Hospital staff ( right) who won artificial jasmine flower arrangement to give to her mother

Winner (r) of prize for her mother

All 180 people who visited the table during the three days received a free gift set, which included an artificial jasmine pin, a Christian tract and a booklet about God’s blessing on mothers.


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