Although Radio Station is Closed, Listener Gathering is Successful

Listener Gathering at Hua Hin Church28Since the military took control of the Thai government in a coup in May, restrictions have been placed on public communication. The military closed all community radio stations that have permission to broadcast programs free of charge. The military wanted to evaluate every station to be sure that the stations were meeting all of the standards regarding their licenses, equipment and programming. After being carefully checked, many stations have been allowed to reopen and to begin broadcasting again.

Unfortunately, Immanuel Radio, a community radio station owned and operated by a member of Hua Hin Church, hasn’t been cleared to begin broadcasting yet. Immanuel Radio is one of 40 community radio stations that partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) and regularly airs the LHMT program, “Because You Are Loved.”

With the station off the air it was difficult to advertize a special event that was held at the Hua Hin Church on Saturday, July 26, 2014. The LHMT director, radio speaker, Mr. Chumpol Khumpanyam and staff traveled to Hua Hin to conduct a Listener Gathering on that day and wanted to invite all Immanuel Radio listeners to attend. In spite of not being able to advertize through the radio programs, nearly 40 people were on site when the special games, songs and other fun activities began at 10:00 a.m.

Listener Gathering at Hua Hin Church1

Mr. Chumpol Khumpanyam (L) Pastor Adul Manoros (R)

Scheduled to end at noon, the activities actually continued until 1:00 p.m. Everyone enjoyed the games, meeting the LHMT radio speaker, director and staff. Good relationships were begun and an excellent message was shared by Adul Manoros, a pastor of Hua Hin Church. The main point of his message was because you are loved by God, you can receive forgiveness through Jesus.

We thank God for our safe travel, for the opportunity to personally interact with the listeners and for the chance to encourage the church members and radio station owner. We pray that Immanuel Radio will receive approval to reopen and begin proclaiming the Gospel again soon.

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