Quarterly Newsletter Provides Ministry Updates

16980The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff are very busy preparing and distributing the JIL News to local Thai churches and LHMT partners in ministry.  JIL is short for Journey Into Light, which is the local English name for LHMT.

This quarterly newsletter provides updates about LHMT ministry programs and activities, articles from the LHMT radio speakers and stories about how God is changing the lives of listeners in Thailand, LHMT ministry results and the program for sending encouraging Gospel text messages to the mobile phones of thousands of Thai people each week.

Also included in the newsletter is information about the many great books, Bibles, pamphlets, brochures and other Christian materials and products available through the LHMT Christian bookstore on the first floor of our ministry center.

1912317_10202627592964147_1800081290_nThrough the newsletter the readers are informed about how they can participate in the JIL Club.  The JIL Club makes it possible for people to send prayer requests to the LHMT ministry center, so the LHMT director and staff can pray for them during their daily devotion times.

JIL News has proven to be a good way for LHMT to keep in touch with people throughout Thailand, who have connections with LHMT and interest in our ministry activities.  We know that many of our friends use the information in this newsletter as they pray for us and to make contact with us when we have an activity scheduled in their area.

We thank God for the thousands of people who read JIL News.  Maintaining close relationships with them is important to us.


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