Although Radio Station is Closed, Listener Gathering is Successful

Listener Gathering at Hua Hin Church28Since the military took control of the Thai government in a coup in May, restrictions have been placed on public communication. The military closed all community radio stations that have permission to broadcast programs free of charge. The military wanted to evaluate every station to be sure that the stations were meeting all of the standards regarding their licenses, equipment and programming. After being carefully checked, many stations have been allowed to reopen and to begin broadcasting again.

Unfortunately, Immanuel Radio, a community radio station owned and operated by a member of Hua Hin Church, hasn’t been cleared to begin broadcasting yet. Immanuel Radio is one of 40 community radio stations that partner with Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) and regularly airs the LHMT program, “Because You Are Loved.”

With the station off the air it was difficult to advertize a special event that was held at the Hua Hin Church on Saturday, July 26, 2014. The LHMT director, radio speaker, Mr. Chumpol Khumpanyam and staff traveled to Hua Hin to conduct a Listener Gathering on that day and wanted to invite all Immanuel Radio listeners to attend. In spite of not being able to advertize through the radio programs, nearly 40 people were on site when the special games, songs and other fun activities began at 10:00 a.m.

Listener Gathering at Hua Hin Church1

Mr. Chumpol Khumpanyam (L) Pastor Adul Manoros (R)

Scheduled to end at noon, the activities actually continued until 1:00 p.m. Everyone enjoyed the games, meeting the LHMT radio speaker, director and staff. Good relationships were begun and an excellent message was shared by Adul Manoros, a pastor of Hua Hin Church. The main point of his message was because you are loved by God, you can receive forgiveness through Jesus.

We thank God for our safe travel, for the opportunity to personally interact with the listeners and for the chance to encourage the church members and radio station owner. We pray that Immanuel Radio will receive approval to reopen and begin proclaiming the Gospel again soon.

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Quarterly Newsletter Provides Ministry Updates

16980The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff are very busy preparing and distributing the JIL News to local Thai churches and LHMT partners in ministry.  JIL is short for Journey Into Light, which is the local English name for LHMT.

This quarterly newsletter provides updates about LHMT ministry programs and activities, articles from the LHMT radio speakers and stories about how God is changing the lives of listeners in Thailand, LHMT ministry results and the program for sending encouraging Gospel text messages to the mobile phones of thousands of Thai people each week.

Also included in the newsletter is information about the many great books, Bibles, pamphlets, brochures and other Christian materials and products available through the LHMT Christian bookstore on the first floor of our ministry center.

1912317_10202627592964147_1800081290_nThrough the newsletter the readers are informed about how they can participate in the JIL Club.  The JIL Club makes it possible for people to send prayer requests to the LHMT ministry center, so the LHMT director and staff can pray for them during their daily devotion times.

JIL News has proven to be a good way for LHMT to keep in touch with people throughout Thailand, who have connections with LHMT and interest in our ministry activities.  We know that many of our friends use the information in this newsletter as they pray for us and to make contact with us when we have an activity scheduled in their area.

We thank God for the thousands of people who read JIL News.  Maintaining close relationships with them is important to us.

End of Fiscal Year 2013-14 Audit

From July 7-10, 2014 three auditors reviewed the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) financial accounts.  Each year a thorough audit is done to ensure there are no irregularities or mistakes with the LHMT accounting process.  It’s very important for us to be sure that the funds provided by our donors are used properly.

We thank God for blessing us throughout the past year.  We appreciate all the work of the Lutheran Hour Ministries headquarters in providing the funding needed to support our ministry center staff and ministry programs as we continue to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the Thai people living in darkness.

ETS Participants Want Other Church Members to Receive the Training

???????????????????????????????A few years ago the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff enjoyed doing some ministry activities with Pastor Bingaew Prasongjeen and his wife. About two years ago they moved to Chanthaburi and began working at New Life Baptist Church. On June 28, 2014 the LHMT team had an opportunity to work with Pastor Bingaew again, because he invited us to conduct an Equipping the Saints evangelism training at his church. A total of 27 people from 3 churches attended the training. Originally we expected more than 50 participants, but many were unable to come because it was the harvest season for the fruit farms in that area.

The LHMT team traveled by van on Friday and started the training early Saturday morning. From 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. the director and staff led modules about a biblical basis for why and how to do evangelism. Using media presentations, fun activities, songs and times for the participants to practice the various outreach techniques, everyone had a good time learning and building relationships with each other. The training was well received by everyone who attended and many good results were achieved. The LHMT team were able to introduce the participants to the various LHMT ministries and Christian materials. Everyone made commitments to reach out to unbelievers in their communities with the Gospel by using the information and techniques that they had learned. They all were eager to share their faith and to help their churches grow.

LHMT received the names and mobile phone numbers of 34 people, who wanted to begin receiving encouraging Gospel text messages each week. This number is more than the number of people who attended the training, because some participants signed up some of their friends and family members. Also, 16 people offered to become LHMT commissioned volunteers in their area. Members from the 2 visiting churches felt bad that so many of their church members missed the training. They want everyone in their churches to learn how to witness to their family and friends, but they didn’t feel confident doing the training themselves. So, they asked the LHMT team to come again when people are not so busy with their harvesting and train all of their other church members.

When the LHMT team arrived home at midnight that night, they were very tired, but very thankful for all of God’s blessings during that trip.

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