Participants Enjoy Attending ETS Training

ETS Suuratthani20A total of 58 pastors and church members from 10 churches in Suratthani Province attended the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) Equipping the Saints (ETS) training on June 14, 2014.  The Body of Christ Church hosted the day-long training, which included 5 teaching modules, a time for worship, learning some Christian songs, enjoying fun activities and building relationships between the members of the different churches

The 5 modules helped the participants get to know about the ministries of LHMT, learn a biblical basis for why we do evangelism and provided time to practice using several practical ideas for how to witness to unbelieving family and friends.

The feedback from the people who attended was very positive.  In addition to appreciating the teaching sessions, everyone seemed to enjoy meeting people from the other churches in their area.  They especially liked learning the simple, but very helpful ideas for ways in which they can tell others about Jesus.  Everyone said that they would definitely use these ideas to share their faith with others.

One church asked for 25 copies of the handouts from the training, so that they could do their own evangelism training with more of their church members.  Another church asked for 50 Children’s Bibles and a third church asked for 50 copies of LHMT’s adult Bible Correspondence Course materials and 10 copies of our children’s Bible Correspondence Course materials.

To be able to continue working with LHMT, 14 people signed up to become LHMT commissioned volunteers and all 58 people who attended the training asked to have LHMT begin sending encouraging Gospel text messages to their mobile phones each week.

One of the churches that had members attend the training operates a community radio station and has been using many LHMT radio programs for several years.  To show their appreciation for the help they have received from LHMT, the church members brought a financial donation for LHMT.  Another LHMT donor, who lives in Suratthani was not able to come to the training, but sent a donation for LHMT with one of the other church members.

We thank God for blessing the training and for safe travel for the LHMT team and all participants.  We also are thankful that two of the people who attended the training have been Christians for only about one month.  This was a good opportunity for them to meet many other Thai Christians, to grow in their faith and to learn how to begin sharing their new faith with their family and friends.  Please pray for them, that they will continue to learn more about the Bible and keep growing closer to Jesus.

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