Learning to Pray Gives Peace in Her Heart

Pastor blessing Angie (3rd from left)

Pastor blessing Angie (3rd from left)

Atchariyaporn Ekwanit (Angie), age 16, and her younger brother lived with their aunt in Mukdahan Province in northeastern Thailand.  A few years ago Angie’s mother and brother were in a serious car accident. Her brother had only minor injuries, but her mother was killed. Soon after the accident, Angie and her brother moved to Bangkok to live with their father.

Angie and her brother were invited to attend Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church by the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director.  At the church Angie felt a warm welcome from the church members and became interested in observing Christian worship and fellowship. Angie began to attend regularly and has become interested in knowing more about Jesus and Christianity. She said, “I want to know more about how Jesus saves people and how he can save me.”

She recently started studying the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) and attending Bible classes at church Sunday mornings. Angie feels good when attending church, because it gives her hope and she feels happy to know what Jesus has done for her.

As Angie became more familiar with Christian worship and built close relationships with the church members, she wanted to be involved, so she volunteered to light the candles at the beginning of worship. Angie is learning to play guitar and hopes that she will be able to join the praise band.

During Sunday worship and when spending time with church members, Angie has come to understand the importance of prayer. Through the BCC and the example of others, Angie has been learning how to pray. Angie says, “I pray for my studies, for my brother and especially for my father.  My father is a sales manager, so he drives a lot around Thailand.  Because of the way that my mother died, I pray that God will protect my father when he travels.”  Being able to pray that God will protect her father, gives Angie peace.

When she has school breaks, Angie volunteers to help the LHMT staff pack gift sets for people attending Equipping the Saints workshops, the Christmas school outreach program and other LHMT activities.

Although not baptized yet, Angie tells friends at school that she’s a Christian and she doesn’t participate in the Buddhist prayers and ceremonies anymore. The LHMT director has referred Angie to Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church to begin studying in preparation for baptism. Please pray that Angie will learn a lot and grow in her faith and understanding through these classes and that she will be baptized soon.



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