Receiving God’s Love Helps Listener Become More Loving

575258_376236279151903_293674435_nMs. Sirirat Saelim is from Sugnaikolok District, Naratiwas Province. She moved with her family and 2 children to Bangbuatong District, Nonthaburi Province. Whenever she went back home to Sugnaikolok District, Ms. Sirirat was able to listen to the LHMT radio program “Home for Love.” As a result of listening to this program several times, she became interested in learning more about Jesus Christ.

While listening to the radio program Ms. Sirirat heard about the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course (BCC). Because she wanted to learn more about the Christian faith, Ms. Sirirat enrolled in the BCC and currently is studying lesson 1 of the second course. She says, “The correspondence courses have helped me to know the love and compassion of God and I’ve applied what I’ve learned to my life. It has helped me love others more as well as encouraged me in my daily living.”

The LHMT team suggested Ms. Sirirat continue listening to the “Home for Love” radio program, when she moved to Bangbuatong district, which is available live on Sweet F.M. 89.5 MHz. Ms. Sirirat also shared that the “Home for Love” program is very helpful and encouraging to her life. She had never been to church before. The LHMT team recommended that she attend Saparnluang Church in Bangbuatong, so that she can learn more and be nurtured by the church.

Ms. Sirirat recently came to know Jesus Christ. Please pray that she will grow in her faith and that her family also will come to know Jesus.


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