Visiting Volunteer Team Reveals God’s Love

In July 2013 a team of volunteers came to Bangkok from St. John Lutheran Church in Covina, California. The main ministry activity that the team did was the Fun With English program. The team provided many fun games, activities, songs and conversations for the Thai students to practice using English.

One of the students in the Fun With English program was Nutiya Silapaanan. Her nickname is Pop. She was surprised that the volunteer team would travel so far from America and support themselves, so that they could come to Thailand to lead the Fun With English program.

Pop felt impressed that all of the team members were so happy, that they willingly sacrificed their time and money to come to Bangkok and that they were so patient with Thai students, who didn’t speak English well.

Through activities and skits that the team did, Pop was able to hear God’s story. Pop could see God’s love through the team’s actions and lives. Through the Thai Christians that she met during Fun With English, Pop became convinced that God’s love is not just for Western people. God’s love is for everyone.

Pop began to show interest in knowing more about Jesus and started asking questions.

A few weeks after the team returned to California, Pop visited Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church with two friends. Although she enjoyed coming to church and getting to know the church members, Pop couldn’t come often, because she lives quite far from the church.

When Pop became interested in being baptized, she started studying Luther’s Small Catechism with the pastor. On Sunday, April 27, the week after Easter, Pop was baptized into Christ.

Since being baptized Pop told some of the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand staff that she now feels confident making decisions in her daily life. She knows that God is guiding her. Pop said, “Before I was baptized, I had a hot temper and couldn’t let other people win or control me. I always used to fight back, if someone tried to take advantage of me. But, now I feel much calmer and I try to understand other people. I also can show love to other people much more now than before.”

We thank God for bringing Pop into His kingdom and giving her the promise of eternal life. Please pray for Pop, that she will continue to grow in faith and follow God every day.


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