Churches Plan to Continue ETS Training

ETS Phetchabun45On May 24, 2014 Chon Dan in Jesus Thai Church, located 320 kilometers (192 miles) from Bangkok in Chon Dan District, Phetchabun Province was the location of the final Equipping the Saints (ETS) evangelism training conducted by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Pastor Somsak Rinnasak, the pastor of Chon Dan in Jesus Thai Church, invited the LHMT staff to provide the training. He is also the president of Independent In Jesus Church Association.

A total of 111 people from 8 churches of the Independent In Jesus Church Association attended the training. The reports that we received at the end of the training were very positive. The participants were very thankful that the training was very practical and helpful. Also, it was a very good opportunity for them to learn about LHMT ministries.

Participants from all 8 churches asked for 370 copies of the LHMT materials from the training and 50 Gospel bracelets, so that they could use them to train more of their church members. One church asked for 100 sets of the materials, because they wanted to conduct the training for their church members and other churches in their area on May 31, 2014.

The LHMT staff is happy that they have 2 reasons to work with some of the training participants in the future. The first reason is that a total of 27 people signed up to become LHMT commissioned volunteers. The second reason is that the Independent In Jesus Church Association is planning to start a new church in Khon Kaen next year and has invited the LHMT staff to help with the training.

LHMT will also continue to be connected with 91 of the participants, who joined the program to receive LHMT encouraging Gospel messages on their mobile phones each week.

Please pray for these churches as they continue to use LHMT materials to train other people in their churches and increase their outreach activities in their communities.

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Long Day, Good Day

ETS PhetchabunThe Equipping the Saints training that the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) team conducted on May 18, 2014 at Glory of God Church, in Pakthongchai District in Nakhonratchasima Province was a little different from the usual program. Instead of being scheduled for a full day, this training was held from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. As a result of the shortened time, 5 modules were presented instead of 7.

The LHMT team left Bangkok at 6:30 a.m., so that they could attend worship at Glory of God Church and have lunch with the members before starting the training. A total of 31 church members attended the training.

Even with the shortened schedule, everyone who attended was very excited about the training. At the end of the afternoon they all said that they were eager to share what they had learned with their family, friends and community.

Fifteen of the participants signed up as commissioned volunteers and 20 joined the program to receive encouraging Gospel text messages on their mobile phones each week. Also, the church asked for 10 sets of children’s Bible study books for teaching the children’s Bible classes.

In the future the church wants the LHMT team to return and conduct a full ETS training and the church will invited a number of other churches in their area to attend. They also invited the LHMT team to do other ministry activities with their church.

Although the LHMT was tired when they returned to Bangkok at 9:45 p.m., they were very thankful that God had blessed the training and given them safe travel. Please pray that God will continue to bless the relationship between Glory of God Church and the LHMT in the future.

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Visiting Volunteer Team Reveals God’s Love

In July 2013 a team of volunteers came to Bangkok from St. John Lutheran Church in Covina, California. The main ministry activity that the team did was the Fun With English program. The team provided many fun games, activities, songs and conversations for the Thai students to practice using English.

One of the students in the Fun With English program was Nutiya Silapaanan. Her nickname is Pop. She was surprised that the volunteer team would travel so far from America and support themselves, so that they could come to Thailand to lead the Fun With English program.

Pop felt impressed that all of the team members were so happy, that they willingly sacrificed their time and money to come to Bangkok and that they were so patient with Thai students, who didn’t speak English well.

Through activities and skits that the team did, Pop was able to hear God’s story. Pop could see God’s love through the team’s actions and lives. Through the Thai Christians that she met during Fun With English, Pop became convinced that God’s love is not just for Western people. God’s love is for everyone.

Pop began to show interest in knowing more about Jesus and started asking questions.

A few weeks after the team returned to California, Pop visited Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church with two friends. Although she enjoyed coming to church and getting to know the church members, Pop couldn’t come often, because she lives quite far from the church.

When Pop became interested in being baptized, she started studying Luther’s Small Catechism with the pastor. On Sunday, April 27, the week after Easter, Pop was baptized into Christ.

Since being baptized Pop told some of the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand staff that she now feels confident making decisions in her daily life. She knows that God is guiding her. Pop said, “Before I was baptized, I had a hot temper and couldn’t let other people win or control me. I always used to fight back, if someone tried to take advantage of me. But, now I feel much calmer and I try to understand other people. I also can show love to other people much more now than before.”

We thank God for bringing Pop into His kingdom and giving her the promise of eternal life. Please pray for Pop, that she will continue to grow in faith and follow God every day.

10 Churches Join ETS Training

On Friday, April 25, 2014 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff packed equipment and ministry materials in a van and drove to Sriprajan District in Suphanburi Province. From 8:30 am until 5:30 pm on Saturday April 26, they conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training for members and pastors from 10 different churches in that area. This was the fifth ETS training that the LHMT team has done this fiscal year.

ETS Suphanburi22

Participants sharing after small group discussion

ETS training is designed to help Christians understand the biblical basis for doing evangelism and to teach them different ways to share their faith with their Buddhist family and friends. Using 7 Modules throughout the day the LHMT team shared many practical ideas for witnessing. Then the 61 participants were given time to practice using those methods. Through small group discussions and working with partners those who attended the training came to feel comfortable telling others about Jesus.

In addition to learning together, they also started the day worshiping together and praying together. This was a good opportunity for many of them to meet each other and to begin building relationships between the churches.

Everyone who joined the ETS training at Taweeporn Sriprajan Church had an enjoyable time and were happy with all that they learned. In their final evaluations of the day they mentioned how much they liked the small group discussions and that they appreciated how practical the training was. They were confident that they could use the witnessing methods right away. They said that they would like to have even more activities during the training.

Although the LHMT team arrived home late that night, they were very thankful for God’s blessings during the training. Even though the people came from 10 different churches, they cooperated well together. Everyone had safe travel to the training and back home again. A total of 15 people became LHMT commissioned volunteers and 43 signed up to receive encouraging Gospel text messages on their mobile phones.

We thank God that all 5 of the ETS trainings that we conducted during this fiscal year were successful. With God’s blessing many more Christians in Thailand now feel comfortable sharing their faith with family, friends and others in their communities. We pray that God will bless them as they tell others about Jesus.

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