LHMT Helps with Third Annual Youth Camp


???????????????????????????????“Soldiers of Christ” was the theme for the Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church’s 3rd Annual Youth Camp. Nearly 80 youth and 20 adults from southern, northern and central Thailand gathered at Wang Tarn Resort in Chiang Mai Province from March 18-21, 2014. Some of the youth attended for the first time. Others attended for the second or third time.

Each day the youth participated in small group Bible studies, large group sessions taught by Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (TCLC) pastors, worship, discussions and relationship building.

For the third year Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) helped with the camp. They led many games, activities and songs that helped the students build relationships with each other and that helped develop an enjoyable, fun atmosphere for the camp. The LHMT director is happy to have her staff help with the camp, because it’s a Lutheran camp and it’s a good opportunity to work with and build relationships with the TCLC leaders and pastors.

LHMT staff set up a booth for selling many Christian products from the LHMT bookstore, which gave a chance for the youth to purchase items that are usually not available to them. It was also a good way for LHMT to do fund raising in support of its ministry programs.

Of the youth who attended the camp, 23 were not Christians. They were invited to join the camp, so they could hear the Gospel. Some of them will be studying the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course and the LHMT staff will make follow-up contacts with them in the coming weeks.

The pastors and youth gave very positive feedback about the involvement of the LHMT staff and LHMT was invited to help with the camp again next year. Some youth signed up to participate in the Bible Correspondence Course and receive the weekly encouraging text messages.

We thank God for blessing the youth camp and we thank the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for providing financial support.

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