Christmas Activities in front of LHMT office in Bangkok

???????????????????????????????From December 23-25 the LHMT staff did some special Christmas activities on the sidewalk in front of the LHMT ministry center.  Early morning, as people were walking by on their way to work or the market, and during the lunch time the LHMT staff played a recorded radio program about the true meaning of Christmas and had people sign up for a chance to win some prizes.  The personal information that the people gave will also be used for some follow-up activities.  A total of 171 people joined the activities during those three days.

Since LHMT started doing special activities in front of their ministry center on several holidays a few years ago, a number of non-Christian neighbors and businesses have asked to be part of the fun.  This year those neighbors donated items to be given as prizes.  The donations included 5 dolls, vouchers for free food at 2 local food stalls, cooked chickens from 2 other food stalls, 2 sets of shampoo and conditioner from a nearby hair salon and a Samsung mobile phone.

In addition to becoming a good way to make connections with individuals in the community, doing activities on special holidays in front of the ministry center is developing into an effective way to build closer relationships with neighbors and local businesses.  We all look forward to working together again on Children’s Day on January 11.

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  1. Thanks for the great work you do in your neighborhood! It is nice to see how you are able to reach out to those around you.

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