LHMT Does Gathering in a New Area

Pastor Sangworn Duangkam, a former LHMT staff

Pastor Sangworn Duangkam, a former LHMT staff

Fountain Spring Church in Nakon Pathom Province operates a community radio station as one way to share the Gospel with people in the area around the church.  One difficulty the pastor and church members face is producing enough programs to fill the air time.  Because Pastor Sangworn Duangkam is a former staff member of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT), he knew about the radio programs that we produce.  Fountain Spring Church is currently using a number of radio programs produced by LHMT.

Radio Speaker, Chumpol Khumpanyam

Radio Speaker, Chumpol Khumpanyam

One program that the church uses is “Because You are Loved.”  Many people in that neighborhood listen to the program and find it very helpful.  On November 3, 2013 LHMT radio speaker Mr. Chumpol Khumpanyam and some LHMT staff conducted a Listener Gathering at Fountain Spring Church.  This is the first time that LHMT has done a program in that area.  More than 50 listeners came and enjoyed a day of songs, games and a fun time together with Mr. Chumpol, the LHMT staff and the pastor and members of Fountain Spring Church.

Mr. Chumpon shared the meaning of the “Because You are Loved” radio program and the LHMT staff explained about the various LHMT ministries.  Pastor Sangworn gave some encouraging words that fit with the radio program.  He told the participants that the reason they are loved is because God loves them so much.

This Listener Gathering gave Pastor Sangworn and the church members a good chance to meet some of the people who listen to the church’s radio programs and to begin building relationships with them.  We pray that there will be more opportunities in the near future to spend time with the listeners and to share the Gospel with them.


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