A Special Way to Say Thanks to Some of our Donors and Friends

2013 Thanksgiving Banquet21Each year the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff plan an evening of fun, fellowship and good food to thank donors and friends of our ministry for their prayers and financial support.  More than 150 people attended our annual LHMT (Journey Into Light) Thanksgiving Banquet on November 16, 2013. 

We enjoyed seeing everyone and having a little time to talk together.  We really appreciate the fact that some people traveled long distances to join us for the evening.  We’re very thankful for their friendship and participation in our ministry.

The evening’s activities started at 5:00pm with an opportunity for our guests to purchase a variety of items from our bookstore.  Not only does this give them a chance to buy Christian books, music CDs and other Christian materials, but also it’s one way in which we raise local funding to support our ministry.

In another effort to do some fund raising and to provide a special souvenir for some people, we also had an auction for the beautiful center pieces that were on each table. 

At 6:30pm the LHMT staff led everyone in a time of worship, praise and thanks to God for the blessings he has given us during the past year.  Pastor Sompong Hanpradit, one of our LHMT Advocacy Board members, gave an encouraging message on the evening’s theme, “Great is God’s Faithfulness.”

The program for the evening also included some fun activities, a video presentation that gave an update about our current ministry activities and three special speakers.  Three donors spoke about the reasons they provide financial support for our ministries.  Everyone enjoyed hearing their stories and how they are impressed with the LHMT ministry and the humble, servant hearts of our LHMT staff.  We are very thankful to them for their kind words.

Each year our guests enjoy having the opportunity to talk with the LHMT director, staff, radio speakers and Advocacy Board members.  We’re happy to have the chance to personally thank these donors and to enjoy a meal and fun evening together. 

We thank God for the love and support that we receive from our friends and donors each year.  We pray that God will bless them and keep them safe until we see them again.

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Women Encouraged at Annual Women’s Camp

Fun activities helped team members work together

Fun activities helped team members work together

A few years ago LHM Thailand (LHMT) director and staff did an ETS training at the Thai Ezra Church in Phukeaw District, Chaiyaphum Province and 2 years ago they asked us to help at their Christian Women’s Camp by doing some special activities.  This year they asked us to do all of the activities, including the teaching sessions.

The morning of the second day the director, Monta “Boom” Ekwanit Denow did a presentation about the benefits we have as believers in Christ and how to improve the fruit in our lives through fellowship, Bible study and worship. The staff did six stations throughout the afternoon for team building and emphasizing how important it is for people in a Christian community to help and serve each other.

Camp participants learning about the fruits of the Spirit from the LHMT director

Camp participants learning about the fruits of the Spirit from the LHMT director

In the evening presentation the director reviewed the fruits of the Spirit and how God changes us and uses us to serve him.  The director used examples of women in the Bible like Mary, Sarah, Esther and Ruth to show how God used normal, simple people to accomplish his will.  She shared with them that it’s the same today.  God also can use each of them to accomplish his will.

On the last day the director did a shorter presentation to leave them with some encouraging words.  She told them to forget the sins and mistakes they did in the past and to receive God’s forgiveness, start their new life together with God again today and to always remember his promises, including eternal life with him through faith in Jesus.

The LHMT director and staff received very positive feedback for all the things that they did and some women asked for copies of the presentations to take with them.  We were invited to lead all the activities at the camp again next year.  At least 119 women registered at the camp, but we were told that nearly 200 actually attended some of the sessions.  Many of the women were new believers and half of those who attended never met our JIL team before.  Some women asked to have their children study the Children’s BCC and others asked for the adult BCC.  About 44 signed up to begin receiving encouraging Gospel text messages on their cell phones.

The LHMT director and staff really enjoyed our time at the camp and we feel like we’re developing some very good relationships with the church leaders and some of the women.  We thank God for all of his blessings on us during those three days.

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