First Time Program in Nong Khai Province

Brookfield team, LHMT staff, Gunya Na Thalang, Chris and Ed Myers visited Gennesaret Church in Nong Khai

Brookfield team, LHMT staff, Gunya Na Thalang, Chris and Ed Myers visited Gennesaret Church in Nong Khai

In partnership with Pastor Sompong Hanpradit of Gennesaret Church in Nong Khai and some of the church members, Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand – Journey Into Light (LHMT) organized a special English program for district government officers.  From October 7-11 a team of 6 volunteers from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin conducted special English classes in Nong Khai Province in northern Thailand.  The name of their program was “English Improvement for Government Officers.”

Local government officials had invited LHMT to bring a team of native English speakers to help the various government officers improve their English speaking ability.  The officers often need to use English to talk with tourists and foreigners living in the area.

The Brookfield team divided into three pairs and conducted the program at three locations for three hours each day.  In addition to government officers, some students attended who had free time during their school break.  Nearly 60 officers and students attended.

The Brookfield team prepared a variety of fun activities for the government officers and students to do in order to practice their speaking and listening skills.  Sometimes they practiced with partners or talked in small groups.  Other times they sang fun songs and did some dances.  The favorite dance was the Chicken Dance.  Everyone did a lot of laughing whenever the foreign volunteers, students and government officers did the Chicken Dance together.

Not everything went as planned.  The schedule at some locations had to be adjusted and the government officers were not able to attend every session.  The Brookfield team did a very good job of adjusting to the changing situation each day.  The team also found many ways to share the Gospel during their classes and during private conversations with individual participants.  We trust that the Holy Spirit will use those to plants seeds of faith in their hearts.

Pastor Sompong Hanpradit, LHMT advocacy board member

Pastor Sompong Hanpradit, LHMT advocacy board member

We got lots of positive feedback from the participants and from Pastor Sompong and his wife, Thongtip.  Some of the participants who attended every day told us that their English had improved and that they were much more confident using English.  The program helped the Gennesaret Church’s reputation in the community and gave them more contacts for follow-up.  The government leaders asked if another team could come to do the program again.

The Brookfield team and the LHMT director and staff enjoyed meeting the people in the Nong Khai area.  They were very open to working with a group of Christians and very much appreciated all that the team did to help them.  We look forward to getting some update reports from Pastor Sompong about the follow-up contacts that he will be making in the coming weeks.

We are very thankful to the Brookfield team for all that they did to assist us with our ministry.  It was a pleasure getting to know them and working with them.  We appreciate their servant hearts and the many hours of preparation they did, in addition to the hours of conducting the English program.  They talked about possibly sending another team from their church to work with us again.  We would be very happy to partner with them whenever another team is available.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will bless Pastor Sompong as he continues his ministry activities in Nong Khai.  Also, please pray for the LHMT director and staff as we consider the possibility of doing other ministry programs in Nong Khai in the future.

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Brookfield Team is Doing Ministry in Thailand

???????????????????????????????Late in the evening of Saturday, September 29, 2013 a team of six volunteers from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin arrived Bangkok.  This is the second volunteer team that Brookfield Lutheran Church has sent to Thailand.  The other team was here in 2011.

In partnership with the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff, this year’s team came to do two different projects.  The first was a special English program for the 161 students at Wat Thakam School in Nakhonpathom Province.  For two days the Brookfield team did fun activities to help the students practice using English.  They practiced sentences, learned new vocabulary, played games and sang songs in English.  Although students in Thailand are required to study English every year, most of them never have a chance to speak English with foreigners.

The students and teachers enjoyed the program so much that they asked the Brookfield team to stay longer.   Unfortunately, the team’s schedule allowed them to stay only one hour longer.  The students were hoping the team would stay a few more days!

The Brookfield team did the programs at Wat Thakam School, because LHMT has done outreach activities there in the past.  The teachers and school administrator have asked LHMT to continue bringing teams to do special English programs at the school in the future.

LHMT thanks the Brookfield team for providing a great program at the school, which helps LHMT expand their ministry in that community.

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