Eager to learn more about Christ

christcross001Sargent Major Vinai Wonggaew has 3 children and has always been searching for the meaning of life.  He met a group of Christians from Baantum, Chiangdao District, Chiangmai Province, who encouraged him to study the Bible.  Even though he was married to a Christian, he did not understand the Christian beliefs and didn’t have any faith.  Sargent Major Vinai later came in contact with Journey Into Light – LHM Thailand through radio programs produced by us that were aired on Chiangdao Community Radio Station F.M.88.50 MHz.

Sargent Major Vinai listened to these radio programs, which included “Home for Love,” “Because You Are Loved,” and “Cheerful Life.”  The programs encouraged him to take our Bible correspondence courses and he applied.  Learning about the Bible has changed his life.  He says, “The Lord has just recently led me to faith in Jesus Christ in February 2013 and I want to continue studying His word.”  Since he is interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, he is taking the BCC and also is studying the Bible.  Sargent Major Vinai is growing in his faith and has joined a Bible study group with a group of Christians in the Baantum – Puntakitsampan Foundation in Chiangdao District.

Studying the Bible has strengthened Sargent Major Vinai’s faith.  The correspondence courses are another way for him to grow in faith.  Whenever he has questions, he calls to ask our LHM Thailand team and this is helping to develop his spiritual life.  Please pray that Sargent Major Vinai will continue to understand the Bible and grow spiritually.


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