Returning ETS Participants Bring Some Friends

??????????????????????????????? On September 21, 2013, 62 people from 8 different churches attended the most recent Equipping the Saints (ETS) training conducted by the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff.  The training was hosted by Pastor Pongnakorn Sae-Ung at Rung Arun Saraburi Church in Muang District, Saraburi Province, which is about a 2-hour drive from Bangkok.

Although the schedule for the day was the one usually used for ETS training, a couple of things made this training day special.  One thing is that 5 of the participants were new believers in Jesus.  They were eager to learn how to share their new faith with their family and friends.  The second thing is that 1 pastor was attending for his third time and Pastor Pongnakorn was attending for his second time.  They said that they returned, because they wanted to review the material presented during the modules and they brought some of their church members.

At the end of the training 30 people asked to be LHMT commissioned volunteers and 52 people signed up to start receiving encouraging Gospel text messages on their cell phones each week.  Many of the attendees indicated that they liked the ETS training, because it’s very practical and they can easily know how to use it in their daily lives.

Two suggestions were made during some discussions.  One idea was to include 1 or 2 skits in the training that would demonstrate the things that the group was learning during the training.  Seeing examples might make it easier to understand how to do the outreach methods.  Another idea was to extend the training to a second day.  The first day would still be for sharing information and practicing some of the techniques within the group of participants.  On the second day the participants would be able to go into the community and practice using the techniques they learned in a real situation.  These are very good suggestions.  We will consider including them in the future.

The LHMT team will see Pastor Pongnakorn and his church members again in the near future.  Pastor Pongnakorn will be the host when the LHMT director and staff conduct their annual Christmas school outreach in December 2013.

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Eager to learn more about Christ

christcross001Sargent Major Vinai Wonggaew has 3 children and has always been searching for the meaning of life.  He met a group of Christians from Baantum, Chiangdao District, Chiangmai Province, who encouraged him to study the Bible.  Even though he was married to a Christian, he did not understand the Christian beliefs and didn’t have any faith.  Sargent Major Vinai later came in contact with Journey Into Light – LHM Thailand through radio programs produced by us that were aired on Chiangdao Community Radio Station F.M.88.50 MHz.

Sargent Major Vinai listened to these radio programs, which included “Home for Love,” “Because You Are Loved,” and “Cheerful Life.”  The programs encouraged him to take our Bible correspondence courses and he applied.  Learning about the Bible has changed his life.  He says, “The Lord has just recently led me to faith in Jesus Christ in February 2013 and I want to continue studying His word.”  Since he is interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, he is taking the BCC and also is studying the Bible.  Sargent Major Vinai is growing in his faith and has joined a Bible study group with a group of Christians in the Baantum – Puntakitsampan Foundation in Chiangdao District.

Studying the Bible has strengthened Sargent Major Vinai’s faith.  The correspondence courses are another way for him to grow in faith.  Whenever he has questions, he calls to ask our LHM Thailand team and this is helping to develop his spiritual life.  Please pray that Sargent Major Vinai will continue to understand the Bible and grow spiritually.

Three English Students Attend Worship

Volunteer team and participants in the Fun with English program

Volunteer team and participants in the Fun with English program

From July 12-21, 2013 a volunteer team from St. John Lutheran Church in Covina, California was helping Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) with two ministry programs.  The team spent 3 days teaching English in a government elementary school and conducted the Fun with English program for 3 days.

During the Fun with English program the team did many fun activities and small group conversations to help the participants practice and improve their English proficiency.  Whenever possible each of the team members shared their faith in Jesus with the Thai people who attended the program.

Jar, Ben and Pop with cards from the Sunday School students

Jar, Ben and Pop with cards from the Sunday School students

Three of the people who attended were Ben, Jar and Pop, young women who have been students in the English program at Into Light Center, which is operated by Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church in Bangkok.  During their English classes Ben, Jar and Pop learned many things about Jesus and Christianity.  When they had the opportunity to join the Fun with English program, they were very happy to meet the volunteer team and to have another chance to practice English.

Ben is a young Christian.  She has shared many things about Christianity with Jar and Pop.  Sometimes they had questions that Ben was unable to answer.  When they joined the Fun with English program, they enjoyed meeting the friendly, loving people who were there.  During conversation times and even outside the program time, Ben, Jar and Pop asked many questions of the team members.  The team members encouraged them to attend church, so that they could experience worship and learn more about the Bible and Jesus.

On August 25 Ben, Jar and Pop attended worship at Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church for the first time.  They enjoyed the music and were impressed with the loving, family atmosphere.  They returned on September 1 and 8 and are planning to attend worship again.

We thank God for using the English program and the Fun with English program to teach Ben, Jar and Pop about Jesus and as a connection with the church.  We pray that these young women will continue to attend the English classes and to worship at Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church often.  May the Holy Spirit open their minds to clearly know and understand who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

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