LHMT Team Shared their Heart with Mahachai Christian Wittaya School

Mahachai Church in Mahachai Subdistrict, Muang, Samutsakhon Province has been using Christian radio programs produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) on their community radio station for several years.  Until recently our LHMT staff never had a chance to personally meet anyone from the church.  But on August 2, 2013 that changed.  LHMT was invited to conduct a program for more than 250 students at Mahachai Christian Wittaya School, which is located in the area of Mahachai Church that owned and operated by The Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT).

The LHMT director and staff traveled two hours to the school and were able to meet the school director and the school manager for special activities at the school.  Everyone enjoyed finally meeting each other personally and our staff was happy to get to know more about the church and school.

The LHMT team was asked to help students better understand God’s love and how to share God’s love with each other.  Because many of the students are not Christians, this was a good opportunity to encourage Christian children and to share God’s love with non-Christian children at the same time.  From 9:00am until 10:00am the team lead grades 1-3 in singing Christian songs and children’s songs and some simple fun activities.  They also did a skit, “Sharing the Heart that We Have,” that demonstrated to the students how good it is to give your heart away by helping others.  Through helping others our hearts actually grow and become stronger.

At the end of the skit one of the LHMT team reviewed the meaning of the skit to be sure that all of the students understood it well.  Our team gave some prizes and led the children in some prayers and prayed for the school, the teachers, the administrators and for LHMT’s relationship with the school in the future.  After a short break our LHMT team repeated the program for grades 4-6 from 10:30am until 11:30am.

Before leaving the school the LHMT director and staff gave all of the students gift packs that contained some small gifts, a Christian tract and a copy of the LHMT Children’s Bible Correspondence Course.

We hope and pray that we can have more opportunities to do this type of activity at other Christian schools in the future.  We enjoyed working together with the school and helping their ministry through this program.  We were surprised and pleased to receive some special snacks and a donation for our ministry from the school.

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