Team from St. John Lutheran Church in Covina, California Leads “Fun With English” Program

Fun with English 2013A team of 15 volunteers from St. John Lutheran Church in Covina, California arrived Bangkok at 1:30am on July 12.  Although tired and feeling jet lag they all were excited to be in Thailand and eager to assist Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).

From 9:00am until 3:00pm on July 15-17 the team conducted a special English program in partnership with LHMT.  The “Fun with English” program was held at Into Light Lutheran Church with 31 local Thai people participating.  The St. John team did short presentations on various topics and then provided time for the participants to practice speaking English with the team members in small groups.

Some of the topics included transportation, colors, food, fashion, entertainment and holidays.  The small groups compared life in the United States with life in Thailand and everyone learned a lot about both countries.  Fun games and songs were part of each day’s activities.  In an atmosphere of fun and friendship the participants practiced using English in real conversations.

The St. John team included many Bible verses in their presentations and shared the Gospel in various ways during the small group conversations.  They also did a skit about how God’s love can change people’s hearts and lives.

At the end of the three days there were many smiles, but also many tears, as the program closed and everyone said goodbye to their new friends.

It was wonderful to see how the Thai participants and the American team members were able to connect and get to know each other in just a few days.  Some participants and team members spent time together later in the day to have coffee and continue their conversations.  After the closing activity on July 17, many participants and St. John team members exchanged their email addresses and Facebook information, so that they could continue to keep in touch after the team returned to California.

We are very thankful to the St. John team for all of their hard work in preparing for the Fun with English program.  They did a great job and everyone was very happy and satisfied.  We thank God that the participants had such a good time practicing English and getting to know the team members.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will use the Gospel messages that the participants heard to help them understand who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

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  1. Boom and her team at Lutheran Hour made us feel at home. It was so fun to be with the students at the Fun with English program. Most of the time, we felt like the students! It was wonderful to share in fun and fellowship with all our new friends in Thailand! – The St. John Mission Team

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