Cheerful Life Listener Knows that God Listens to Her Prayers

Mrs. Jitrachaya Insan is a 30-year old noodle vendor in Tak Province, who enjoys listening to radio programs.  One day Mrs. Jitrachaya tuned into the “Cheerful Life” program on the Saman Samakee Radio Station.  She liked the program and became very interested in hearing more about the story of Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Jitrachaya contacted the Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHMT) office and talked with the audience relations team.  They introduced her to the LHMT Bible Correspondence Courses and enrolled her in the first course.

Radio3For more than 2 years Mrs. Jitrachaya has been listening to the “Cheerful Life” program and is eager to continue learning how Jesus can make her life more cheerful.  The LHMT staff connected her with Saman Samakee Church, where Mrs. Jitrachaya is receiving spiritual nurture and teaching.  She attends church every Sunday and is in the process of preparing to be baptized.

Mrs. Jitrachaya says, “I often pray to God and I know that he answers my prayers.”  She has already started witnessing to her neighbors and encourages them to listen to the “Cheerful Life” program.

Please pray that Mrs. Jitrachaya will continue to grow in her faith and that her family also will come to know Jesus as their Savior.


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