Hundreds of Young Christians Get to Know Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand

LHMT staff sharing ministries to attendees

Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) was joined to set up a ministry booth and product sale during a weekend ministry program organized by Youth for Christ, More than 800 young people participated in the activities on April 6-8, 2013 in Nakhon Nayok Province in central Thailand.

Youth for Christ, chairmen and leaders from the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand, the Church of Christ in Thailand and the Baptists conducted Bible studies, gave presentations and led activities that encouraged the Christian youth to consider serving God with their lives.  Along with the other ministry organizations that were there, LHMT was given time to share with all the attendees about our ministries and how they could take advantage of the LHMT ministry materials and programs.

Each day the schedule included special time for everyone to visit the different ministry booths and purchase products.  During the weekend 273 people registered to begin receiving the LHMT Gospel text messages on their cell phones and 165 new Christians and non-Christians enrolled in the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course (BCC).  One young man, Mr. Supeerapan Gueadpan gave donation for our text messaging program.  He said, “I appreciate receiving the LHMT text messages for the past 4 years and I realize how valuable they have been for me.  I want to help LHMT provide these encouraging Gospel messages for other people also.”  We thank God for this young man’s donation, especially because we know that most young people don’t have very much money.

The LHMT staff enjoyed interacting with so many young people who believe in Jesus and we’re thankful to be able to help nurture some of them through our BCC.  We pray that God will use the BCC to more clearly reveal himself to the unbelievers who are just beginning to study.

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