Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (K)

Children listening carefully to LHM Thailand staff during school outreach activity

Children listening carefully to LHM Thailand staff during school outreach activity

Sawaddee Kha Students and Teachers,

I’m happy to know that many of you are doing projects in your communities that are connected with the Online Mission Trip to Thailand.  I’m sure you will learn a lot and I hope that you are enjoying the experience.

I have answered more of your questions.  You can read them below. 

God loves you,

Prajaow Rak Khun – พระเจ้ารักคุณ

Boom – บุ๋ม

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior What kind of spiders do you have?

Some of the spiders we have are the Purple Orb-weaver Spider, Black Orb-weaver Spider, Golden Orb-weaver Spider, Black widow spider and Spotted Golden Web Spider.

Cheryl Talsma Are there professional sports?

Thailand has some professional sports, like boxers, Muay Thai kickboxers, golfers, tennis players, volleyball, badminton and basketball players.

dodge4 How many bookstores do you have?

LHM Thailand has just one bookstore.

winona Do the Thai people baptize?

Yes, Christians in Thailand baptize.

Monroe1 Do you have deer in Thailand?

We have some medium sized deer like the brow-antlered deer, wild sambar and barking deer.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior What version of the Bible do you use?

We use a Bible that has been translated into the Thai language.

rose Do you have mosquitoes and where do they live? King of Kings

We have lots of mosquitoes in Thailand.  They live wherever there is some standing water in cities , in rural areas and in the forests.

dodge4 Do they have fried chicken?

We have lots of kinds of chicken, including fried chicken.  We can but fried chicked from KFC, from 5-Star Chicken and from food stalls in markets and along the streets.

Cheryl Talsma Are there traditional dances you are familiar with?

The most common Thai traditional dances are Khon, Lakhon, Fawn Thai and Manohra Dance.

rose Where was the worst flood in Thailand? King of Kings

The flood was very bad in a large part of Thailand, but probably the worst was in Bangkok. 

glen Are buses or cars used more for transportation? (Glen Burnie, MD)

Buses and cars are the two most common forms of transportation.  There are many more cars than buses, but the buses each carry a lot of people.

rapids5 If they can’t ever reach Nirvana, why do Thai people believe in it or ever try to get there?

Thai Buddhists are taught that they can reach Nirvana, but it might take them hundreds of lifetimes.  They keep trying to get there, because it sounds so much better than continuing to live, die and then live again.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Do they have squirrels in Thailand? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Yes, we have several kinds of squirrels in Thailand.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Do they pray to Buddah? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Many Buddhist people pray to Buddha in temples or at many of the Buddhists shrines. 

dodge4 What are spirit house made of?

Most spirit houses are made of wood or concrete.

belvidere115 How many elephants are in Thailand? Belvidere, IL

We have about 7,000-8,000 elephants in Thailand, about half live in the wild.

winona Do you have NLSW in Thailand?

We don’t have NLSW in Thailand.  In fact, we don’t have any Lutheran schools in Thailand yet.

merrill3 Do you have horses?

We do have some horses in Thailand.

winona What time is it there now?

Thailand is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

tinley1 Do they have baptisms in Thailand?

Yes, we have baptisms in Thailand.

Monroe1 What kind of dogs do they have?

We probably have every kind of dog that you can think of in Thailand.  Some examples are the Thai Ridgeback, Thai Bangkaew, Yorkshire terriers, German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Chihuahua

winona Do your churches use LSB?

No, our churches in Thailand use huymnbooks in the Thai language.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas What kinds of pets do people own in Thailand? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

The most common pets in Thailand are dogs, cats and rabbits.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Do they grow potatoes? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Some sweet potatoes are grown in Thailand.

winona Do you have american children in your schools?

We don’t have any Lutheran schools in Thailand, but there are American children in other Christian schools and international schools.

glen What kind of soda do you have in Thailand? (Glen Burnie, MD)

We have many kinds of soda, including Coke, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Red Fanta, Green Fanta, Orange Fanta, Root Beer and others.

stpaul Has Thailand changed a lot or do people follow the same laws and customs?

In some ways Thailand has changed a lot.  We have more buildings, taller buildings, more and better airports, more and better roads, better internet, most people have cell phones, now people wear shorts in public,

winona Is there a limit on how many children you can have?

There is no law limiting the number of children Thai people can have.  The cost of raising Children limits the number of children that people have. 

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior How many different languages do you speak?

I can speak Thai and English.

Cheryl Talsma Are there many famous celebrities?

We have many Thai celebrities, such as actors, singers and athletes.

Cindy Engelhard My children want to know how you get up on the elephants to ride them?

Sometimes the elephants kneel down, so people can climb on them.  Other times people get on the elephant from a platform at the top of some stairs.

tinley1 What is the biggest difference between your churches and ours? Are they the same?

The biggest difference is that we use the Thai language in our churches and many Thai churches meet in buildings that are not church buildings.  Otherwise they are very much the same. 

merrill3 What kind of holidays do you have in Thailand?

We celebrate New Years Day on January 1, Thai New Years Day on April 13 and many Buddhist holidays.  Thai Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter, but they aren’t official holidays.

dodge4 Do you have pigs?

We have pigs that are raised for people to eat and we have wild pigs in the forests.

glen Do you have Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts in Thailand?  (Glen Burnie, MD)

Yes, Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts are very popular in Thailand.

winona Do you have Christian schools?

We don’t have any Lutheran schools, but we do have a lot of Christian schools.

stpaul What is the average family size?

It’s very common for Thai families to have 2 or 3 children.

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