Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (I)

Students enjoying LHM Thailand ministry activity

Students enjoying LHM Thailand ministry activity

Sawaddee Kha, Students and Teachers,

Are you tired of reading all of these answers?  I hope not.  We still have more to do in the next few days.  I’m still enjoying your questions.  I appreciate your interest in learning about Thailand and the ministries that we’re doing here.

In Jesus’ name,

(Nai Pranarm Pra Yesu – ในพระนามพระเยซู)


dodge4 Are there many birds?

Yes, we have many birds in Thailand.  Some names that you might recognize include ducks, geese, swans, herons, egrets, parrots, pigeons, doves, eagles, falcons and woodpeckers.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior How large is the the country of Thailand?

It’s twice the size of the state of Oregon.

dodge4 Are flowers common in girls hair?

Girls sometimes wear hair clips that look like flowers, but they usually only wear flowers when dressing in more traditional Thai clothing.

tinley1 What other holidays are national holidays?

National holidays include New Year’s Day (Jan 1), Thai New Year’s Day (Apr 13), Constitution Day (Dec 10), Mother’s Day/Queen’s birthday (Aug 12), Father’s Day/King’s birthday (Dec 5) and several Buddhist holidays (Buddha becoming enlightened, his first sermon, his birth and death).

alma What year did Thailand become a country?

Thailand has been a country for several hundred years, but until the 1930s it was called Siam.  That’s when they changed to a democratic government and changed the name to Thailand, which means Free Land.

Marissa Engelhard Do children ride school buses? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

A few students ride school buses in Thailand, some students ride school vans.  Many students ride public buses, motor bikes or bicycles or are taken to school by their parents.

cubs1 Do the people of Thailand eat the same thing all the time?

We eat rice for almost every meal, but we eat many different kinds of other food.

Painesville What kinds of clothing do you wear there that is different from ours?

Usually we wear the same clothing that people in North America wear, but when relaxing at home we sometimes wear sarongs.

overland What kind of animals do you use for work?

In rural areas some people use cows or water buffalo to plow rice fields or pull 2-wheel carts.  Elephants are often used in the timber industry in the forests of northern Thailand.

alma What vegetables do you eat and grow in Thailand?

We have more than 200 different vegetables in Thailand.  Some of them include eggplant, asparagus, corn, bitter gourd, cabbage, chilli, cucumbers, onions, ginger, tomatoes, pumpkin and spinach.

dodge4 What chores do the children do?

Parents do most of the chores, but children help with sweeping the floor, setting the table, washing dishes and watering plants at home.  They also sometimes help with sweeping the floors and outside areas at school or helping to clean the classroom.

Robyn Kratz Do your Lutherans have confirmation classes?

In the churches where they have children who were baptized as babies, they have confirmation classes.

luxem From St. PaulLutheranSchool in Luxemburg, WI: How much does a scooter bike cost?

About $1,500-$2,000 for a new one.

tinley1 Do they have any special electronics or technologies?

The electronics and technologies used in Thailand are the same as in North America.

Lynette Cherington is the king himself a Buddhist?

Yes, he is.  One of his responsibilities is to be a defender of Buddhism.

Marissa Engelhard Do many people speak English in Thailand? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

It’s quite easy to find people in Thailand who speak English, but not as many as in other countries around Thailand. 

dodge4 What color dress does the queen wear?

Light blue is the color for the queen’s flag, but the queen wears dresses of different colors.

affton what is the average life expectancy?

Life expectancy for Thai men is 71 years and 77 years for Thai women.

lhm Do they have dance schools?

Yes, we have dance schools for Western styles of dancing and for learning Thai traditional dances. 

lhm How many schools do they have?

We have more than 36,000 schools in Thailand.

lhm Do they have any animal zoos?

Most of the larger cities have zoos.

lhm Do they have art in school?

Yes, we have art in school.  It was my favorite class.

lhm What kind of music do they listen to?

People in Thailand enjoy listening to Korean pop music, Western pop music, Thai pop music and Thai country music.

lhm Is there equality for men and women?

Not completely, but women have most of the same rights as men. 

lhm Are there any forests near by?

Much of northern Thailand is covered with forests and there also are some forests in southern Thailand.

lhm  What kind of movies do they watch?

Many Thai people like horror movies, action movies or love stories.

lhm Do they have any movie theaters?

Movie theaters are quite common in the larger cities, but not so common in small towns and rural areas.

lhm What is the population?

The population of Thailand is about 67 million people.

lhm Are there any girl/boy scouts?

Girl scouts and boy scouts are very popular in Thailand.

lhm Do they wear make up?

A lot of Thai women enjoy wearing make up.

lhm Is there alot of crime?

Crime in Thailand is much less than in the United States.

lhm Do they have hospitals?

Thailand now has some excellent hospitals, especially in Bangkok and some of the other larger cities.

Portbc Do they celebrate Father’sDay?

In Thailand Father’s Day is celebrate on December 5, which is the king’s birthday.

lhm Do they eat noodles?

Noodles are very popular here and we can get many different noodle dishes.

lhm What happens when you miss a day of school?

If a student is sick, then he/she must contact the teacher or get a note from a doctor and must make up whatever work was missed. 

lhm Is it required to go to church?

No, no one is required to go to church.

Portbc Do the children use computers at school?

It depends on the school.  Schools in small towns and rural areas don’t always have enough money to provide computers for students to use.  Bigger schools and schools in Bangkok and other large cities try to have some computers for students to use.

napa What type of smoothie flavors do you have in Thailand?

We have many different flavors of smoothies and fruit shakes in Thailand.  Common flavors include strawberry, apple, mango, orange, lime, banana, guava, pineapple, coconut, kiwi and a number of vegetables like tomato, carrot and others.

napa Why do they start military training in 9th grade?

The students can complete a lot of the learning while they’re in school, so that they can be fully trained more quickly later. 

napa Do the Buddhists practice some form of communion like Christians do?

No, communion is based on the fact that Jesus died for our sins and Buddhists don’t believe in Jesus. 

troy Are the services more traditional or contemporary? Acolytes and such?

The style of worship that churches in Thailand use depends on each church.  Some churches use a very traditional form of worship with acolytes and liturgy, others are very contemporary and some use a combination of both. 

napa Does it ever snow in Thailand?

The temperature in Thailand is always hot (78-98F), except in the mountains in northern Thailand where the temperature might drop to the mid-30sF some nights.

napa What kind of movies do they watch? Do they like Star Wars?

Many Thai people like horror movies, action movies or love stories.  Many Thai people like Star Wars.

napa Are there gold mines in Thailand? Is the Buddha statue made of real gold?

Not much gold is found in Thailand anymore.  Only a few Buddha statues are made of gold.  Most of them are made of wood or cement and covered with gold.

troy Are there Lutheran churches in Thailand that are not in an outdoor or tent style?

All of the Lutheran churches in Thailand are in some type of building.

troy Are there many American Lutheran missionaries in Thailand?

There is only one American Lutheran missionary in Thailand.

napa Do the monks have to travel a lot?

Most monks don’t travel much. 

Why do they wear orange?

Orange is the traditional color for monks, because they used to dye the cloth with natural dyes that were an orange color. 

troy How do you say “goodbye” in Thai?

Lagon – ลาก่อน

napa How long is the school day, and do the students eat outside or inside?

The school day in Thailand usually begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:30pm.

napa Are pancakes popular in Thailand?

It’s very difficult to find restaurants in Thailand that sell pancakes.

napa More questions…How many tsunamis have happened in Thailand?

Thailand has only experienced one tsunami.  It happened on December 26, 2004.

dodge4 Do they love the Lord in Thailand?

Only 1.6% of Thai people are Christians.

Cheryl Talsma Is sushi sold there?

We have Japanese restaurants and other places that sell sushi in Thailand.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior How many cities do you have?

There are more than 300 cities in Thailand.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior What kind of clothes do you wear?

Almost all Thai people wear Western  style clothing, usually light weight, because the weather is always hot here.

dodge4 What should we pray for Thailand?

Please pray that more Thai people will hear about Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will work faith in their hearts and bring them to faith and that more Christians will come to Thailand to spread the Good News that Jesus died for their sins.

Cheryl Talsma Are wild animals legal to keep in homes as pets?

No.  The Thai government is working harder to prevent people from catching, selling and keeping wild animals.

Jonathan Schultz Do they have fortune cookies?

No, we don’t have fortune cookies in Thailand, except maybe in a few Chinese restaurants.

dodge4 Do you have libraries?

Most schools have at least a simple library.  Many communities also have a library that is open to the public.

Cheryl Talsma Do homes have pets?

Many Thai families have dogs, cats or rabbits as pets.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior How do you say Holy Spirit in Thai?

Pra Winyan Borisut  – พระวิญญาณบริสุทธิ์

rose Do people in Thailand wear hats? King of Kings

Many Thai people wear hats to protect their heads from the hot sun, but many women use an umbrella for that purpose.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior Does Thailand have Star Wars?

Yes, we have Star Wars in Thailand.

Cheryl Talsma Are board games popular among the kids? Shepherd of the Coast, Ft Lauderdale

Not many kids play board games in Thailand. 

dodge4 Is their a celebration for Buddah’s birthday like we celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas?

Yes, also for when he preached his first sermon, when he became enlightened and when he died.

luxem From St. Paul in Luxemburg, WI: How do you say Bible in Thai?

Pra Kham Pee – พระคัมภีร์

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