Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (H)

Students brushing their teeth after eating lunch at school.

Students brushing their teeth after eating lunch at school.

Sawaddee kha, Students and Teachers,

I hope that you’re having a good time learning more about Thailand.  I’m enjoying sharing more information with you, as I answer your great questions.  If I didn’t answer a question that you asked, please continue to check this blog each day.  I plan to answer every question.

God’s blessings to you,

(Prajaow Ouay Praporn – พระเจ้าอวยพระพร)


tinley1 Are there any popular landmarks?

The most popular are the bridge over the River Kwai from WWII and the movie, James Bond Island, Phuket Island, Wat Phra Kaew temple in the Grand Palace.

dodge4 Do they celebrate Easter?

Most Thai Christians celebrate Easter.

alma What do you drink?

It’s always hot in Thailand, so we drink a lot of water.  We also drink tea, coffee, many fruit juices, Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Fanta and Sprite.  Children drink milk or chocolate milk or strawberry milk.

glen Do you eat cheeseburgers in Thailand? (Glen Burnie, MD)

Yes, but they’re not a normal part of our diet.  We can get cheeseburgers at McDonalds, Burger King or some other restaurants that serve Western food.

Marissa Engelhard What are popular toys that children received for Christmas? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Most Thai families don’t celebrate Christmas, because they’re not Christians.  Those children often get presents for New Year’s.  Christian children do get Christmas presents.  Popular toys that Thai children get are dolls, cars and trucks and stuffed animals.

overland Do you celebrate Advent and Lent?

Only a few churches celebrate Advent or Lent, but usually just on Sunday mornings.

tinley1 Do people have VBS there?

Sometimes volunteers come from the United States to lead VBS for churches in Thailand.  Otherwise we don’t have VBS.

Painesville How many different religions are there in Thailand?

About 92% of the people in Thailand are Buddhists, about 5% are Muslims, 1.6% are Christians, others follow Chinese religions or Hinduism, in the hill areas many people are animists.

Zion-Concord L.S. What kind of flowers do you have in Thailand?

Orchids, lotus, carnations, roses, ratchaphruek, frangipani, chrysanthemum and others.

tinley1 Do they fight with wooden sticks often?

Not now.  That was a way of fighting many years ago.

bloomington Can the kids bring birthday treats to their school?

Yes, they enjoy sharing treats with their friends and classmates.

Zion-Concord L.S. Are there swimming pools?

Most hotels and large shopping malls have swimming pools, also some schools and communities have pools.

cubs1 Does Thailand have zoo’s?

Most larger cities have zoos.

Are the vans the same size there?

The vans in Thailand are different, but about the same size.

glen How many children are in each class? (Glen Burnie, MD)

It’s common to have 30-40 students in a class, sometimes more than 50.

Dylan Teut Do all of the students have to behave? What happens if they misbehave? Immanuel Belvidere Kindergarten

All parents everywhere want their children to behave and be good people.  If Thai children misbehave, their parents might spank them if they’re younger, ground them if they’re older, not let them watch television or videos or take away some of their allowance.

Painesville What languages are spoken in Thailand?

The national language is Thai language.  Many Thai people also speak a dialect or ethnic language.  Many people also speak some English.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Why do they train children to fight? From Immanuel in Broken Arrow

The training helps develop their body strength, balance and reflexes, it makes them more fit and it teaches them self-discipline and self-control. 5th Grade, Trinity Florida..It looks like the families in the country are poorer than in the city. Is that true?

I think that’s probably true, although there are many poor people in the cities also.

Zion-Concord L.S. Is there indoor plumbing?

Except for people living in the more remote hill areas, everyone has indoor plumbing.

racine7 How long is school?

Thai children go to school from 8:00am-3:30pm Monday-Friday.

tinley1 Do Buddhists go to church?

Buddhists go to temples to worship and pray.

bloomington What percent of Bangkok is Christian.

I don’t know about the percent of Bangkok that’s Christian, but Thailand is about 1.6% Christian.

Do the schools frown upon not doing the prayers as a Christian?

We have freedom of religion in Thailand.  The teachers understand and don’t mind when Christians don’t participate in Buddhist prayers and other ceremonies.

belvidere117 What do crickets taste like?

They don’t have much taste at all.  Usually the taste comes from the different sauces that are used when cooking them.

overland What kinds of fruit do you have?

Thailand is famous for its fruit.  We have mango, guava, star fruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, many kinds of bananas, oranges, durian, jackfruit, mangosteen, rose apple, custard apple, grapes, rambutan, longan, lychee, pears, apples, coconuts, dragon fruit and others.

tinley1 Do they have many churches?

Because only 1.6% of Thai people are Christians, we don’t have very many churches.  The total number might be about 2,000 in the whole country.

dodge4 What days do you go to school?

Monday through Friday.

glen What are some traditional foods in Thailand? (Glen Burnie, MD)

Tom Yang Gung soup, spicy papaya salad, Pad Thai noodles, spicy curries, lots of fish and seafood.

Zion-Concord L.S. What kind of military groups do you have?

Thailand has an army, navy and air force.

belvidere117 Do mothers have an unlimited amount of children?

Usually Thai women have 2-3 children, because it’s very expensive to raise many children.

tinley1 We have religion classes at our Lutheran schools. Do they learn about Buddhism in school?

Thai schools have a religion class that teaches them about Buddhism, but it also teaches them a little about Christianity and other religions.

cubs1 What is the favorite restaurant?

Thailand has many kinds of restaurants.  For most Thai people their favorite restaurant is a small food shop in their local community.

clearwater What musical instruments are played in Thailand? Are there any similar to the US?

We have guitars, drums, keyboards, horns, saxophones and flutes like in the US.  Some Thai traditional instruments include ranat, ranar ek, phin, khim, saw duang, angklung, rammana, glong yao, khlui and ching.

Robyn Kratz Do you have any celebrities in Thailand that we may be familiar with?

I can’t think of any.

Marissa Engelhard What type of shoes do kids wear? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

As part of their school uniforms the boys wear brown canvas shoes and the girls wear simple black shoes with a strap over the top of their foot.    When they’re not in school, many Thai children wear flip-flops, sandals or other open-toe shoes.

Zion-Concord L.S. What colleges are there?

Thailand has many national and private universities, technical colleges, business colleges, medical colleges, architecture colleges, engineering colleges, teacher colleges and others.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion Pierce, NE Do the children get sick of eating rice?

Sometimes they would rather eat noodles.

racine7 What kind of jobs do they have?

Because about 65% of the people in Thailand live in rural areas, many of them have jobs that are connected with agriculture.  Many other people are government workers, teachers, factory workers, store clerks, work in construction, have jobs in the tourism industry or are doctors or lawyers.

Cheryl Talsma Are there mansions there?

We have some huge mansions here.  Thailand has quite a few rich people.

overland What is your main source of protein?

We get protein from chicken, pork, beef, fish and seafood and from beans.

tinley1 How tall is the palace?

The palace is actually made up of a number of buildings that are different shapes and sizes.  Probably the tallest building is about 4 stories high.

glen What is the climate like in Thailand? (Glen Burnie, MD)

Except for in the mountains in northern Thailand, the weather is hot and humid every day (78-98F).  From June through October is the rainy season and from November through May is the dry season.

rapids2 Do some Thai people celebrate Christmas?

Christians celebrate Christmas, but it’s not an official Thai holiday. 

Painesville We saw McDonalds. What kinds of foods do you have that are different from us?

Squid, some kinds of lizards, glutinous rice, Thai desserts and locusts might be different from the food you eat.

racine7 Why do the monks have to shave their heads?

It’s a sign of humility and of giving up earthly things.

cubs1 Do they have Kings or Presidents?

Thailand has a king, but he’s not the leader of the country now.  Our country leader is the Prime Minister.

Cheryl Talsma Do people eat sushi in Thailand?

Many Thai people enjoy eating sushi and other Japanese foods.

Marissa Engelhard Do many people celebrate Christmas? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Thai Christians celebrate Christmas, but it’s not an official holiday here.

merrill7 Does it snow?

We don’t have snow in Thailand, but the temperature can get close to freezing in the highlands of Thailand in January.

albany Do you have American clothing stores?

Some.  Thai people usually wear Western-style clothing similar to what you wear.

Mankato What is the population of Thailand?

About 67 million.

LHM What kind of pets do they have?

The most common pets in Thailand are dogs and cats, but some people have rabbits as pets.

Robyn Kratz What brand of cars do most people drive?

The most popular brand is Toyota.  Honda is also very popular, but many people own Nissans, Mitsubishis, Mazdas or Kias.  Some of the richer people drive Volvos, Mercedes or BMWs.

glen Are there amusement parks in Thailand? (Glen Burnie, MD)

Yes, but they aren’t as big as in North America and they don’t have so many rides.  Some of them are on the roofs of large shopping malls.

rapids2 Do Thai students have to do homework?

Thai students often have homework.

cubs1 Why do they have 3 wheel cars?

The 3-wheel car is actually the front of a motorcycle attached to a seat and 2 back wheels.  We call them tuk-tuks and they’re used as taxis.

tinley1 Do they celebrate birthdays?

Yes, we enjoy celebrating with our friends, getting some presents and eating birthday cake.

merrill7 Does it snow in Thailand?

We don’t have snow in Thailand, but the temperature can get close to freezing in the highlands of Thailand in January.

racine7 What electronics do they have in Thailand? From 7th Graders in Racine, WI

We have all the same electronics that you have in the United States, like televisions, computers, I-Pads, smart phones, GPS systems, satellite television stations and radio programs, etc.

belvidere004 What sports do you play?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Thailand.  We also play volleyball, badminton, golf, takraw and some basketball.

rapids3 Do you go swimming?

Many people in southern Thailand live near the ocean, so they enjoy swimming.  People who have a community swimming pool in their neighborhood or live near a shopping mall that has a swimming pool like to go swimming.

tinley1 Do people feel pressure to be Buddhist?

Not usually.  Most people who are Buddhists grew up in a Buddhist family and in a Buddhist neighborhood.  Because their parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors are Buddhists, it’s natural for them to become Buddhists. 

overland What insects are in Thailand?

Mosquitoes, ants, flies, katydid, wasps, bees.

Zion-Concord L.S. What do the children do when showing respect to the flag?

They just stand still while the flag is being raised during the ceremony before school begins.

rapids5 Can you sing the Thailand alphabet?

We don’t sing the Thai alphabet like you do the English alphabet, but we chant it like a poem.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas How do they train the elephants to play soccer? From Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

There are special trainers who work with the elephants to teach them how to play soccer and do many other tricks. 

tinley1 Why were there ducks on their signs?

They put pictures of ducks on the signs where they sell duck meat.


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