Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (D)

Children participating in LHM Thailand activity

Children participating in LHM Thailand activity

Dear Students and Teachers,

I hope you’re enjoying reading the answers to everyone’s questions.  Please continue to visit our blog to get more answers in the coming days.  

God bless you,

(Prajaow Ouay Praporn – พระเจ้าอวยพระพร)


dodge4 How many children are in Thailand?

More than 13,000,000 children are under the age of 14.

Darren Kinsey What kind of exotic meats do they eat in Thailand?

Sometimes people eat lizards, snakes, turtles or birds, but these are not common foods.

clearwater2 What is the size of Thailand’s military?

There are about 300,000 active military personnel.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior, Does Thailand have a military?

Yes, we have army, navy and air force.

Heidi Schleifer Does Thailand have national sports teams?

Yes, soccer, volleyball, badminton, takraw, track and field, boxing and others.

Zion-Concord L.S. What’s a favorite pastime?

Thai children enjoy watching television, playing with friends, playing computer games

Leticia Navarro What jobs do you have that Americans don’t have?

Motorcycle taxis, tuk-tuk drivers, elephant keepers

St. Peter, Arlington Heights What games do children play in Thailand? St. Peter Lutheran Church & School, Arlington Heights

They play tag, hide and seek, card games, dominoes, computer games and some Thai traditional games.

morton What is their alphabet like?

The Thai alphabet has 44 consonants and 15 vowels and looks like this:  พระเยซูรักเด็กๆทุกคน

morton What are their beds like?

Most beds are the same as beds in the United States and Canada, but some Thai people sleep on a thin mattress or mat.

Zion-Concord L.S. Do the houses have backyards?

Some houses have backyards, others have just a small front yard.

dodge4 Can they read?

About 97% of Thai people can read Thai language.

belvidere115 Can the girls have long hair at school?

Some schools allow girls to have long hair, but some don’t.

cubs1 Are the children ever mean to each other?

Yes, sometimes they are.

morton What do they play with?

Girls play with dolls, boys play with cars and trucks, girls and boys enjoy computer games,

Zion-Concord L.S. What kind of games/sports do they play?

Thai children play soccer, badminton, basketball, takraw, computer games

Lynette Cherington What sports do Thai people play?

Please see my answer above.

morton What are their homes like? (kindergarten)

Many houses are made of concrete, some are wood and built on posts, many people live in townhouses or apartments or condominiums.  They usually have small yards or no yard.

dodge4 What’s the most popular food?

Thai people eat rice for almost every meal.  Curry and spicy food are very popular, like Tom Yam Gung (spicy soup with shrimp) or Pad Thai (fried noodle dish).

watertown Do people in Thailand celebrate Christmas?

Christmas isn’t an official holiday, but Christians celebrate it and many stores, restaurants and shopping mall put up Christmas decorations and play Christmas music. 

morton How do they make clothes in Thailand? (Kindergarten)

Most clothes are made in factories, but we also have many tailors and seamstresses who make clothing.

Raeleen Childers Buxton ILCA 2nd graders are interested in how children celebrate their birthdays?

They often have birthday parties with their family and friends at home or in a restaurant, eat birthday cake and receive gifts.

Raeleen Childers Buxton ILCA 2nd graders are also curious what pets families have?

The most common pets are dogs and cats, but some families also have parrots or parakeets, rabbits or goldfish.

dodge4 What is the population?

About 67 million people.

Zion-Concord L.S. Do they celebrate Fathers’ Day?

Father’s Day is a Thai holiday and celebrated on the king’s birthday.

dodge4 What do they eat?

Thai people eat rice, noodles, bread, curry dishes, beef, pork, chicken, seafood and fish. 

cubs1 What is the language of Thailand called?

It’s call Thai language.

morton How do you get to Thailand? (Kindergarten)

You have to fly on a very big airplane for 25-30 hours to get to Thailand. 

Zion-Concord L.S. Do they have recess?

Most schools have recess and a break for lunch.

clearwater2 What sports do the children play?

Please see my answer above.

glen Is it hard to travel by boat?

No, most boats have motors and people can use them on the rivers and canals.

belvidere116 How many families live in one house?

Sometimes just one, but it’s common to have two families or grandparents or other relatives living in the same house.

belvidere115 How many people live in Thailand?

About 67 million people. What subjects do the children study in school, and do they have homework?

They study math, science, geography, history, English, Thai language, (sometimes Chinese, Japanese, French, German or Spanish), physical education, art and music.  They often have homework, but not every night.

clearwater What time is it in Thailand now?

Thailand time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

dodge4 Do girls wear dresses?

Yes, but sometimes they wear pants or shorts.

albany What natural resources are there in Thailand?

Thailand has  tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten, tantalum, timber, lead, fish, gypsum, lignite, fluorite, arable land.

morton Do they have pets in Thailand and where do the pets live?

Dogs and cats are very common pets in Thailand. Pets often live out in the yard, but some live inside the house.

excelsior3 OSS, Excelsior What do the children usually eat for breakfast?

Steamed rice with vegetables or meat, boiled rice, noodles, cereal or bread.

bears2 What languages do they speak in Thailand?

Thai language is the official language.  They also speak local dialects in different regions.

What do they do when they need to ask their teachers a question? Do they raise their hands?

Yes, they raise their hands.

cubs1 What are some favorite foods?

Please see my answers above.

albany What clothes do they wear for ceremonies?

Sometimes they wear suits, Thai traditional style clothing or just nice clothing.

St. Peter, Arlington Heights Can children ride on elephants? from St. Peter Lutheran Church & School, Arlington Heights

Usually people don’t ride on elephants, except the mahout.  Children only ride on them at the zoo or tourist place or culture show.

dodge4 Do they dance any of the same dances we do or do they have their own style?

Some Thai people do Western dances, but they also dance Thai traditional dances.  Some Thai children like dancing Gangnam style.

albany What are boats called?

Long-tail boats are common in Thailand.  They have a motor in the back with the propellor at the end of a long shaft.

glen What kind of pets do children in Thailand have?

Please see my answer above.

morton What kind of transportation do they have in Thailand? (Kindergarten)

In Thailand we have many cars and trucks, buses, 3-wheeled tuk-tuks, motorcycles, boats, trains and airplanes.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion Pierce, NE Why do students wear uniforms all the time?

Uniforms are required in all schools.  In Thai culture we focus on being part of a group or community rather than on individualism.

huskers Since LHM has been there, how many people have turned their lives to Christ?

We don’t know the exact number, but LHM has connected several thousand people to churches.

Racine3 what kind of money do they have?

We use Thai baht and satangs.

albany What sports do they play?

Please see my answer above.

cubs1 What kind of games do the Thai children play?

Please see my answer above.

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