Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (C)


LHM Thailand gives children free Bible story books translated by Lutheran Heritage Foundation.

Here are more answers to your questions.  You really ask very good questions!

Jesus loves you, 

(Pra Yesu Rak Khun – พระเยซูรักคุณ)

Boom From Trinity, Florida: Is the king a god?

Although the king has said that he is just a man, some Thai people think that he is a god. 

clearwater What time is it in Thailand now?

The time in thailand is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

affton Yesterday they talked about there being many types of different bananas in Thailand. Are they all yellow?

No, one kind has a dark orange color.

Lynette Cherington Do they have Father’s Day?

Father’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on December 5, which is the king’s birthday.

glen What kind of storms do they have in Thailand?

Thunder storms are the most common, but we also have some typhoons in southern Thailand.

Zion-Concord L.S. What do they put on top of their Christmas tree?

The way that Thai people decorate Christmas trees is very similar to Christmas trees in North America.  They usually put a star or sometimes an angel on the top.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion If you were a pest to others would you come back as a mosquito to be swatted?

Maybe, but no one knows who or what they’ll be in their next life.  People can also do good deeds to balance out the bad things they do. 

austin Do the kids in Thailand have monkeys as pets?

No.  Usually they just have dogs or cats.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas What do people do in their free time? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Children like to play soccer, badminton or other games.  Many like to play computer games or watch television.

lions How long are the school hours for kids?

Children go to school from 8:00am until 3:30pm from Monday through Friday.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior, How many schools are ther? Do you have universities?

Thailand has about 36,000 elementary and high schools and about 150 universities.

glen What do the children do for fun?

Please see my answer above.

lions What kind of sports do the kids play?

Please see my answer above.

cubs1 Where do the Thai people get their clothes? Do they make them or get them from a store?

Most Thai people buy their clothes from small clothing shops, discount stores (similar to Wal-Mart), department stores or shopping malls.  But, we also have many tailors and seamstresses who make clothes and the price is very reasonable.

Zion-Concord L.S. Do the children play video games?

The number of children who have computers, I-Pads or cell phones is increasing quite fast, partly because they enjoy playing the games. 

napoleon Do children learn English in school?

All students study English in school, starting in elementary school.

dodge4 How many kids are in one class?

Classes often have 35-40 students, sometimes more.

Monroe1 Do people in Thailand have Television?

Almost every home has at least one television. 

dodge4 Does it snow there?

In most parts of Thailand the temperature is between 78-98F every day.  In the mountains in northern Thailand the temperature might get close to freezing a few nights each year, but it never snows. 

Zion-Concord L.S. Is there indoor plumbing?

Yes, everyone has indoor plumbing, except in some small villages in remote areas.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion Pierce NE How long is their school day?

Children go to school from 8:00am-3:30pm Monday through Friday.

Darren Kinsey How does the limited monarchy work? Is there an elected body to make decisions?

The government in Thailand is called a constitutional monarchy.  Although we have a king, he isn’t involved in politics anymore.  Thai people elect their leaders, including local representatives, members of parliament.  The country leader is the Prime Minister.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior, How long is the school day?

Please see my answer above.


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