Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (B)


Boom enjoying time with some students after Christmas school outreach activity.

Dear Students and Teachers,

I’m enjoying answering your interesting questions.  I’m glad to know that you’re so interested in learning more about Thailand.  I’ll continue to answer some questions each day until I have answered all of them.  Please see my answers below.  Enjoy your classes.

God bless you, (Prajaow Ouay Praporn – พระเจ้าอวยพระพร)


Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior, Do you celebrate New Years?

In Thailand we celebrate New Years on January 1, but we also celebrate Chinese New Year and Thai New Year.

Marissa Engelhard Do all of the children have the opportunity to go to school? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Yes, there is a government school in every community.

dodge4 Do they have the same school work that we have?

The subjects that they study and their home work are very similar to schools in the United States and Canada.

verona Why does the Thai flag use blue and red and white? Why not other colors?  The colors represent things that are very important to Thai people.  Red is for nation, white is for religion and blue is for the king.

huskers Do buddhist boys have to become monks?

They don’t have to, but everyone expects that they will study at a temple for at least one month.  When they do, they earn good karma for their mothers, so that’s why most of them decide to do it.

Cindy Engelhard Do the children go to school year all year round or only part of the year?

They have one school break from mid-March until early May and another break from mid-October until early November. 

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior How do you get your news?

We get news from newspapers, radio, television, internet and on smart phones.

racine8 When did Christianity first get to Thailand? 8th Grade, St. John’s Racine, WI

A few missionaries arrived in Thailand in around 1550, but more extensive mission work began in the 1830s.

overland Do you celebrate Christmas in Thailand?

Christmas isn’t an official holiday, but many Thai people celebrate it for fun and it’s important for Thai Christians.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior, What season is it in Thailand now?

The weather is hot in most of Thailand the whole year.  Our main seasons are the rainy season from June-October and the dry season from November-May.

Racine3 Do they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or something like it?

Only a few US citizens who live in Thailand celebrate Thanksgiving here.  Please see my answer above about Christmas.

dodge4 Can the children speak English well?

Thailand has never been ruled by a Western country, so we don’t have a history of using English.  English is taught in all of the schools, but most Thai children don’t speak English very well.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion Pierce, NE Why do they just grow rice or is there other crops?

Thailand is one of the top rice producing nations in the world, but they also grow many different types of vegetables and fruits.

Marissa Engelhard Do they have activites after school? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Some schools have activities after school, such as music club, dance club or sports clubs. 

Heather Biermann Do they celebrate New Years, if so when do they?

Please see my answer above about celebrating New Years.

Monroe1 Do they have clothing stores?

We have many clothing stores here and it’s not very expensive to have tailors and seamstresses make clothing.

napoleon Do Christian men/boys have to be a monk?

No, only Buddhist men/boys study as monks.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Do they celebrate April Fool’s Day?from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Only a few Thai people know about April Fools Day.

dodge4 How many grades do they have?

There are 2 levels of school here, grades 1-6 and 7-12.

dodge4 What kind of weather do you have?

Except for the mountains in northern Thailand, the weather is always hot in Thailand (78-98F).  We have a lot of rain from June-October.  November-May are very dry.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Does Thailand celebrate Easter and Christmas? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Some Christians celebrate Easter.  Because the date for Easter changes every year, many Christians aren’t sure when it is.  Please see my answer about Christmas above.

Marissa Engelhard Do they have recess in Thailand? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

The students do have recess, but most schools don’t have much equipment for the children to play on.

racine8 When did Lutheran Hour first start preaching the good news in Thailand?

Lutheran Hour Ministries was started in Thailand in 1991.

dodge4 What kind of songs do they sing?

Many Thai people enjoy popular Western songs, but Thai pop music and Thai country music are also very popular.

dodge4 How long has Thailand been a country?

The oldest information about Thailand is from the 13th century. 

Marissa Engelhard What does the King of Thailand do? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Because the king is 85 years old, he isn’t as active as when he was younger.  But, the king and his foundation still have hundreds of projects to help people develop better agricultural practices, irrigation projects and programs to teach Thai people how to improve their standard of living.  The king also sometimes advises the government leaders.

Lynette Cherington Why do children go into the military at so young an age?

They don’t go into the military so young, but they do some learning and simple practice so that they’ll know something in case the military needs them for a special situation.

dodge4 Are their schools big?

Some of the schools have as many as 600 students, but many schools have fewer than 200 students, especially in small towns and rural areas.

Lynette Cherington Do Thai people have a Christmas?

Please see my answer about Christmas above.

Heidi Schleifer What are some of the Buddhist holidays? – Zion Independence, KS

We have one holiday for the Buddha’s birthday, enlightenment and when he entered Nirvana; another holiday for his first sermon; and another holiday a time when many monks gathered to hear Buddha teach. 

dodge4 Do they have stores and what kinds do they have?

Thailand has many stores, big and small.  We have every kind of store that you can imagine.  We have many small shops, but also department stores, discount department stores (like Wal-Mart) and shopping malls.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Do they eat the same food every day? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Thai people eat rice every day for most meals, but we also eat noodles and many different meats, vegetables and fruits. 

racine8 Why do the monks shave their heads?

It is a sign of humility and letting go of material things.

Monroe1 How many days of school do they have in the week?

The children go to school from Monday through Friday.

dodge4 Is there a common color for clothes?

No, Thai people like to wear clothes of many different colors.

Heidi Schleifer What kind of dances do they do in Thailand? – Zion Independence, KS

Now children enjoy Gangnam style, but many people enjoy traditional Thai dancing.

dodge4 Do they get homework?

Sometimes, but not every day.

LHM What is a common occupation for a Thai citizen?

About 65% of Thai people live in rural areas and are involved in some type of agricultural work. 

dodge4 Do they have board games?

Some, but they’re not as popular as in the United States.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Why do people believe in other gods instead of the one true God, Jesus? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

When they are small children, they learn about those gods from their parents, other family members and most people in their society.  Many Thai people don’t know anything about Jesus or God.

affton Why is it so important for the kids to be “good” in Thailand?

Because of Buddhist beliefs, being polite and kind are very important for children and adults in Thailand.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas What happens if they are disrespectful to their parents? from 3rd grade of Broken Arrow, Ok

Their parents and other family members will be upset with them.

glen Does Thailand have a lot of parades?

Thailand doesn’t have any parades.

clearwater2 What languages are spoken in Thailand?

Thai language is the official one.  The many ethnic groups in Thailand speak Thai and their own languages.

Zion-Concord L.S. Who is the governmental leader?

Now Thailand has a woman Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra.

St. Peter, Arlington Heights Can children speak English well? How many languages do they know? St. Peter Lutheran Church & School, Arlington Heights

Thai children study English in school, but don’t speak it well.  All children speak Thai and some of them also speak an ethnic language.

Heather Biermann do they home school?

All Thai children have schools they can attend.

Monroe1 Do people in Thailand have toilets and toothbrushes?

Yes, Thai people are very careful about hygiene.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion What types of books do children read?

Mostly the children like reading a type of Thai comic book.

napoleon How do pastors bless children if they can’t ‘pat’ their heads?

When an adult knows a child well, they can touch the child’s head.

nola why do students usuallly sit on the floor?

Usually they sit in chairs in their classrooms.  In the video they were sitting on the floor for a special activity in the school gym or other meeting room.

glen Do children/adults play football?

They don’t play American-style football.  In Thailand their favorite sport is soccer, which Thai people call football.

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