Online Mission Trip to Thailand – Questions and Answers (A)


Dear Students and Teachers,

Thank you for participating in the Online Mission Trip to Thailand. enjoyed talking with you and receiving all your great questions.  I’m sorry  we  weren’t able to answer all of them during the Online Mission Trip.  I’ll   answer some today.  Please look below.  Be sure to check this blog for more answers tomorrow. 

God’s blessings to you,  

(Prajaow Ouay Praporn – พระเจ้าอวยพระพร)


nola What do people in Thailand grow in their gardens?

They grow flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit.   

Maggie Are there hardships in the country? 

Some people are unable to find jobs or their salaries are very low.  In the Northeast region, there isn’t enough rain for the crops to  grow well.

Jon The children in the white shirts, are they part of a Christian school or are they in a public school?

They are in the government schools.

Raeleen Childers Buxton ILCA – Our 2nd graders would like to know what kind of fruits are grown there?

Mangoes, pineapples, bananas, guava, watermelons, oranges, apples, jackfruit, rambutan, pomelo, mangosteen and many others.

lhm Why do they wear uniforms at school?

Uniforms are a common part of Thai society.  The uniforms show which school the children attend.  It looks nice to have everyone wear the same clothing.  Many adults wear uniforms where they work.  Thai people like to belong to a group.  Besides, the uniforms are usually given to them free!

lhm How many people are Christians

Only 1.6% of Thai people are Christians.

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion Pierce, NE Do Thai people get tired of rice?

Never!  We love eating rice.  But, sometimes we also enjoy eating noodles or bread.

Marissa Engelhard Do they have chapel for students? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

It’s not common for Christian schools here to have chapel.

dodge4 How many missionaries are there in Thailand?

Hundreds of missionaries from many different denominations work in Thailand.

Marissa Engelhard Do they have field trips? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Thai children enjoy field trips, especially to a zoo, temple or museum. 

Shellie Kosmerchock Zion Pierce, NE What type of instruments do children play?

Guitar, ukelele, keyboards, drums and Thai traditional instruments like angalung, kim, ranard, etc

dodge4 Do they have sports? What kind of sports do they have?

Soccer, badminton, volleyball, boxing, swimming, gymnastics, takraw and others

racine8 What sports do they play in Thailand? 7th Grade, Racine, WI

See answer above

Marissa Engelhard How do they celebrate Christmas? 2nd Grade, Redeemer, Pittsburgh, PA

Decorate Christmas trees, put up some lights, sing Christmas carols, give gifts, have special worship

independence 5/6 Why do they take their shoes off?

To help keep the floor clean

lions What kind of musical instruments do they play?

See answer above

dodge4 Do they know the Lord our God?

Only 1.6% of Thai people believe in Jesus

overland Do people in Thailand do karate?

Yes, and Taekwondo and Thai kick boxing

Monroe1 How many times a day do you eat?

3-5 times each day, but usually not very big meals

lions Do kids receive cell phones?

Yes, some do

And what kind of pets do they have?

Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, goldfish

dodge4 Do they have toys?

Thai children love to play with toys.  Some toys are plastic, some are made from wood.  Many toys in Thailand are the same as you have in the United States.

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Do they have movie theaters? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

Yes, especially in the shopping malls.

Margaret Leapley Beautiful Savior, How old is Thailand?

Thai people have lived in this part of the world since the 12th century A.D.  The country name used to be Siam.  About 70-80 years ago the name was changed to Thailand.

dodge4 What holidays do they celebrate?

Western New Year, Chinese New Year, Thai New Year, King’s birthday, Queen’s birthday, Constitution Day and many Buddhist holidays.

overland What happens if someone hurts an animal like a fly?

According to Buddhist beliefs, if it’s an accident it’s okay.  If it’s intentional, then the person will have some bad karma. 

Lynette Cherington From OSL Houston, TX…What sports do they play?

Please see answer to the question above

hilton You gave out new testaments… are Christians in Thailand knowledgeable of the Old Testament?

Yes, they are knowledgeable about the Old Testament.  We gave New Testaments, because it’s better for non-Christians to begin reading about Jesus right away. 

independence 5/6 What do Buddhists believe happens once they are Enightened?

When they are englightened, there is no need for them to be reincarnated.  They have reached the state of having no desires or wants, including wanting to be born again.

racine8 What kind of technology do they have in Thailand? 7th Grade, St. John’s, Racine, WI

We have satellites, computers, cell phones, IPads and every kind of technology that you have in the United States. 

Katrina ‘Kois’ Thomas Does Thailand celebrate birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day? from 3rd grade at Immanuel in Broken Arrow, Ok

We celebrate birthdays and some people celebrate Valentine’s Day, but not St. Patrick’s Day.


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