Online Mission Trip to Thailand

OMT-Thailand022From January 28-31, 2013 the director of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT), Mrs. Monta (Boom) Ekwanit Denow participated in an online mission trip for students in Lutheran schools across the United States and Canada. Approximately 15,000 students from 165 schools joined the live, interactive program this year.

For 30 minutes each day the LHMT director talked with the students from Bangkok. Dr. Douglas Rutt, Director of International Ministries and Mrs. Gunya NaThalang, Regional Director for Asia, led the program from the Lutheran Hour Ministries headquarters in St. Louis.

Through a number of videos the students learned about the geography, climate and culture of Thailand and observed the various ministry activities of LHMT. Two of the more interesting videos for the students showed what a typical day is like for two young Thai students. The students in the United States and Canada were able to send written questions, which were answered live during the program. Because there wasn’t enough time to answer every question, the LHMT director will continue answering questions on the LHMT blog.

In addition to the time spent online, the students also worked through a special curriculum designed to enhance and expand the students’ learning and to provide follow-up activities for the students to study in more detail. Many of the schools are planning to do some type of ministry activities in their communities in the coming weeks.

The LHMT director and staff want to thank everyone in St. Louis who helped make the Online Mission Trip to Thailand a success. We look forward to having continued contact with some of the schools and we appreciate all of their prayers for us and the people of Thailand.


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