Christmas Outreach Activities in Front of LHMT Office

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFrom December 19-25, 2012 the LHMT staff did an outreach activity on the sidewalk in front of the LHMT building. In this busy neighborhood of small shops, a large department store, clinics and offices many people walk by the LHMT building several times each day.

During the busiest times between 8:30-10:00am and 12:00-1:00pm LHMT staff set up a table filled with prizes and information about Christmas and LHMT ministries. Using large Christmas banners and Christmas music CDs to help attract attention, people passing by were invited to play some simple games and to receive free gift sets and pamphlets about the true meaning of Christmas. They also were encouraged to sign up to win some nice prizes, which were distributed on December 25.

In addition to a number of people who just stopped to read the Christmas banners, 219 people gave their contact information in hopes of winning one of the door prizes. LHMT staff will follow up with those contacts in the coming weeks. The main reasons for doing this activity were to share the Christmas story, to let our neighbors know that we are Christians and to begin building more relationships with neighbors and people who come to work in this area every day.

One of food shops donated meals for the prizes

One of food shops donated meals for the prizes

When some of the people working near our LHMT building saw what we were doing and learned that part of the joy of Christmas is giving to others, an unexpected thing happened. The owners of 6 food shops donated a total of 25 free meals to LHMT that were given as prizes. All of those food shops offered to donate meals every time LHMT does this type of activity. We look forward to joining with these neighbors during our next activity on Children’s Day, January 12.

We thank God for the success of this activity and pray that he’ll bless us with closer relationships with the people in our community and more opportunities to share the good news about Jesus with them.


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