2012 LHMT Thanksgiving Banquet

Thanksgiving17On the evening of November 17, 2012 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) hosted a Thanksgiving Banquet for many of its supporters and friends.  The purpose of this annual event is to thank God for his continued blessings on the LHMT ministries, to thank the donors for their support during the past year and to do fundraising for the current year.

The LHMT director and staff were very happy to see nearly 200 people in attendance.  As usual, the program started with a time of worship and praise.  Pastor Sarot Komolhatai from Peace of Christ Church in Bangkok shared a message about God’s love and blessing to our ministry.  Peace of Christ Church has been a partner with LHMT for many years.

Every year those who attend look forward to being able to purchase products from the LHMT bookstore and to participate in a silent auction.  This year the auction items were very special.  Jaisaman Church in Samut Songkram provided eight beautiful pictures of King Bhumibol that were done by the Thai artist, Mr. Suwit Jaipom.  Proceeds from the auction were shared by LHMT and Jaisaman Church.  The centerpieces on each table were also on auction and were nice souvenirs for the people who placed the highest bid at their table.  The auction of special items, the sale of the table centerpieces and fund raising have now become a tradition for our Thanksgiving Banquet.

One thing that was new this year was the sale of a number of manger scenes and other special Christmas decorations from the United States.  These proved to be very popular, since Christmas decorations related to the birth of Jesus are not easily found in Thailand.  We also had 10 new donors who gave first-time gifts to our ministry.  These personal gifts are very encouraging and important for LHMT to continue doing its ministry activities in Thailand.

Several LHMT friends provided some entertainment by singing during the dinner.  This always helps to develop an atmosphere of thanks and praise during the meal.  Several people have already volunteered to sing during next year’s banquet.  This year Lutheran Hour Ministries Asia Regional Director, Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang attended the banquet.  She brought greetings from the leaders and staff at the headquarters office in the United States and encouraged the donors to continue supporting the LHMT ministry.

One of our guests was a man who lives in Lopburi, Mr. Hid Maha.  He is over 70 years old and has been supporting LHMT for many years.  Although he has been a friend of LHMT for a long time, he had never met the director or any of the staff personally.  So he decided that he wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with LHMT this year and have the opportunity to talk with the staff.  It was a long trip for him and took a lot of his time, but we are very happy that he came.  The LHMT director and staff really enjoyed finally meeting him and getting to know him.  We thank God for his generous heart and for other wonderful supporters like him.

The LHMT director and staff always enjoy seeing so many friends and supporters join together for an evening of friendship and thanks and praise to God.  We pray for God’s blessing on all who attended and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.



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