ETS Training in Phayao Province

Phusang Church in Phayao Province is the location where the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff conducted their most recent Equipping the Saints (ETS) training.  On October 12, 2012 the LHMT team rode in a van for 11 hours to reach the site.

On October 13, a total of 27 pastors and church members from 3 different churches in Phayao Province participated in the training.  Throughout the morning and afternoon they worshiped together, sang songs, joined in a number of fun activities and studied the 7 ETS modules.  They not only learned why evangelism is important, but they also gained many useful ideas about how to share their faith with their friends and family members.

Although many of the participants didn’t know each other before attending the training, they worked well together and enjoyed learning together.  By the end of the day they had gotten to know each other, had learned about the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand and had started thinking about ways in which they could work together in the future.

Many of the attendees commented on how practical the training had been.  They asked the team to come back often and to provide a longer training program.  At the end of the day 22 people asked to begin receiving the weekly Gospel text messages on their cell phones and 19 registered to become commissioned volunteers for LHMT.

We thank God for safe travel for everyone, for his blessings during the training and for the new LHMT volunteers.  We look forward to visiting that area again and working with the churches there.


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