LHMT Conducts First Listener Gathering in Sukhothai Province

Mr. Prawit and Mr. Tak during live radio broadcast before Listener Gathering

On July 21 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff conducted a Listener Gathering at Samarn Samakee Muang Sikhothai Church in Sukhothai Province.  This was the first time that they did a special activity in that area. 

The LHMT team were happy to see 115 people join in the day of games, songs, fun activities and a Gospel presentation by the local pastor.  In addition to the 53 people who listen to the “Home for Love” radio program, many church members and friends also came.  This was a good opportunity for the listeners to meet LHMT radio speaker Mr. Prawit Julangsi and for LHMT to share more about the LHMT programs and ministries with the listeners, pastor and church members.

The pastor and church members were very thankful that they were able to meet the listeners and to begin building relationships with them.  They plan to do follow-up contacts with the listeners in the near future. 

The pastor and church members enjoyed partnering with LHMT in this outreach activity and are interested in hosting an Equipping the Saints training with LHMT.  The LHMT staff looks forward to returning to Sukhothai and doing that training at the church.

Ms. Wara Palapol (L) enjoyed meeting with new friends in church

Two listeners who attended the Listener Gathering had to drive from a different district.  Ms. Wara Palapol and her mother, Khun Nang, were very eager to meet the LHMT radio speaker and staff, because they are very interested in learning more about God.  In addition to having them join the Bible Correspondence Course, the LHMT staff also asked Samarn Samakee Muang Sikhothai Church to follow up with them.

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