Showing Love in Action Impresses Radio Listener

Mrs. Boonprom enjoying visiting with Mr. Choompol

For the past three years Mrs. Boonprom Narkchote from Suphanburi Province has been listening to the three Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) radio programs on a community radio station near her home.  She said that whenever she listens to Home for Love, Cheerful Life or Because You Are Loved, Ms. Boonprom feels encouraged and has a warm feeling in her heart.  She also finds the programs to be very practical and useful in her life.

Ms. Boonprom is very impressed that LHMT staff have contacted her several times to encourage her and that the radio speaker, Mr. Choompol Khumpanyam who lives near her, has visited her in her home.  To Ms. Boonprom, having radio speaker and LHMT staff show love in action through these personal contacts proves that what she hears on the LHMT radio programs is real.

Although Ms. Boonprom doesn’t have time to study the Bible Correspondence Course because of her work in her farm, she has indicated that she’s interested in learning more about God.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work through the radio programs and the contacts from LHMT staff to draw Ms. Boonprom to Jesus.


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