ETS Participants Make Commitment to Use What They Learned

LHMT staff taught some special techniques for sharing the Gospel

As usual, the Equipping the Saints (ETS) training on June 16, 2012 started with a time of worship with all 40 participants from 8 churches joining together in praise and prayer.  They came to Parasiri Ngao Church in Ngao District, Lampang Province to learn how to share their faith.  Through the 7 ETS training modules the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff introduced the participants to many practical techniques for telling people about salvation through Jesus Christ.

The LHMT team received a very warm welcome and everyone who attended the training was very eager to learn.  They enjoyed meeting each other and participating in the discussions and activities throughout the day.  Many of the people attending even gave donations to help support LHMT ministry activities.

The feedback that the LHMT team received at the end of the training was very positive.  One church decided to set up a ministry team to do outreach activities at least once each week and planned to ask all other church members to make a commitment to reach out to their community together.  Other individuals said that they planned to use what they learned during the training to share their faith with their family, friends and neighbors and to develop stronger fellowship among the members of their churches.

The participants were very happy to learn about the encouraging Gospel text messages that LHMT sends to more than 5,000 cell phones each week.  They asked that nearly 50 names of people from their churches be added to the list of text message recipients.  The LHMT staff was encouraged that 18 ETS participants asked to become commissioned volunteers. 

Because 4 churches were unable to attend the ETS training, LHMT was asked to return to conduct the training for members of those churches and others in the area.  LHMT was also invited to go to a new place in Phayao Province to introduce the ETS training to people there. 

The distance between Bangkok and Lampang Province is about 800 kilometers (480 miles).  On the return trip the long 10-hour van ride was made more pleasant by a visit to 2 faithful supporters of LHMT ministries.  Mr. Kriangsak and Fongjan Maigitmau invited the team to stop at their home for lunch.  After an enjoyable time of fellowship together, Mr. Kriangsak and Fongjan gave some souvenirs to the LHMT staff and another donation for the work of LHMT. 

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