Some Say One Day isn’t Enough

Gennesaret Church, located in the city of Nong Khai in Nong Khai Province is about 650 kilometers north of Bangkok, just inside the border with Laos.  The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff made the 9-hour drive by van on May 18, so that they could conduct an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training there on Saturday, May 19. 

The LHMT team was happy they made the long trip when 26 people from 3 different churches in Nong Khai attended the day-long training.  It was the first time that LHMT did ministry activities in that area.  They enjoyed meeting so many people who were eager to learn more about why and how to do evangelism. 

While the LHMT director led the first hour of the ETS training, 3 LHMT staff did a special program of fun songs and activities with nearly 60 children in another room.  Every Saturday a large group of children from the community gather at Gennesaret Church to participate in a Compassion International project.  The Compassion staff lead the children in fun games and activities, tutor them, and teach some of them how to play musical instruments.  Before rejoining the ETS training, the LHMT staff donated more than 210 copies of the book, “A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories,” to Compassion International.

At the end of the day some people said that the training was too short.  They thought it should last a few more days.  They also wished that more Christians from other churches in the area could have attended.  All 3 churches are eager to work with LHMT again in the future.

Everyone who attended appreciated getting to know about the ministries of LHMT and 9 of them applied to become commissioned volunteers for LHMT in the Nong Khai community.  A total of 27 names were placed on the list of people who want to begin receiving the encouraging Gospel text messages sent out by LHMT each week.  That number is larger than the number of people who attended the seminar, because some people signed up their friends for this special service. 

One of the pastors at Gennesaret Church has been a friend of LHMT for a number of years.  Pastor Sompong Hanpradit (a member of the LHMT Advocacy Board) and his wife, Tong Tip, moved from Bangkok to Nong Khai last fall to join the ministry of the church in starting preaching stations in areas where there are no churches.  The LHMT team was glad to see Pastor Sompong and Khun Tong Tip again and to learn about their work with Gennesaret Church.  We look forward to doing ministry with Pastor Sompong and the other pastors in Nong Khai in the coming year.

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