LHMT Staff Help with Lutheran Youth Camp

From March 27-30 the Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (TCLC) conducted a camp in Maetang District near Chiang Mai for young people from their churches.  More than 100 youth attended, including about 15 friends who are not Christians.  Using the theme, “This We Believe,” the main teaching sessions focused on some basic Bible truths.  These sessions were taught by several TCLC pastors and missionary Rob Meister.

The TCLC leaders understand that it’s important for the young people in the TCLC churches to learn the foundational truths of the Bible from the Lutheran perspective.  Some of the youth who attended the camp will be Sunday School teachers, pastors and church leaders in the future.

The camp was held in a quiet campground, where all of the boys slept in tents and the girls stayed in some simple houses.  Small group Bible studies were held in shaded areas under the trees.

On March 28, 2012 two Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff traveled to Chiang Mai on an overnight bus and were taken to the camp site early the next morning.  Soon after arriving at the camp, they assisted the staff of Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation Thailand in leading the morning worship.

At 1:30pm Mr. Lek introduced LHMT to the campers and informed them of the many types of ministry that LHMT does, especially how media is used to share the Gospel in many areas of Thailand.  Then Mr. Lek and Mr. Tak led some fun games and sang songs with the campers in the shelter used for the large group teaching sessions and worship.

At 3:00pm they took the campers to an open area where everyone participated in several sports games.  For each of the activities the teams collected points in an effort to build team unity.  They ended the day with an evening campfire.

One of the goals of the Youth Camp was to help the campers get to know each other and to begin building relationships.  Because some live in southern Thailand, others came from Bangkok and the rest live in different areas of northern Thailand, most of them didn’t know each other before attending the camp.

To help them with their relationship building, LCMS missionary, Dennis Denow, led the campers in several team building activities during two days of the camp.

At the end of the camp on March 30, the LHMT staff helped debrief the campers about their experience.  Everyone seemed to have very positive feelings about the camp and were happy they could attend.  We’re very happy that 75 of the youth signed up to receive the encouraging Gospel text messages that LHMT sends to more than 5,000 mobile phones each week and 13 asked to study the LHMT adult Bible Correspondence Course.  Also, 5 of the younger campers requested to begin the Children’s Bible Correspondence Course.

The TCLC leaders are excited about the number of young people who attended the camp and how much they enjoyed participating.  Plans for next year’s Youth Camp are already being made and LHMT looks forward to being involved again.

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