Directors from 12 Countries Attend Regional Workshop in Bangkok

Dr. Rutt leading a workshop session

Lutheran Hour Ministries directors from Australia, Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka came together in Bangkok from March 26-29, 2012 for their annual regional workshop.  This was the first time that the three regions met together for the training in Bangkok.  The workshop was led by Dr. Douglas Rutt, Director of International Ministries for Lutheran Hour Ministries and Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang, Asia Area Counselor. 

Mrs. Gunya speaking to the country directors

Although the sessions regarding strategic planning, communication, fund raising and holistic ministry were conducted by Dr. Rutt, the country directors spent a lot of time learning from each other.  All of the directors shared how they used media, special events, youth programs and other activities to share the Gospel in their countries.  They also exchanged ideas on the different types of training and follow-up activities they were using. 

This workshop was a good opportunity for the country directors to get to know each other better, especially for the three who recently started serving Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Both Vietnam and Cambodia have new directors and the ministry center in Indonesia was just reopened after being closed for 10 the past years.

LHMT director showing ministry locations in Thailand

In addition to touring the Thailand ministry center, the group was able to visit a large local market and a modern shopping center, enjoy eating at some excellent Thai restaurants, attend an impressive cultural show and attend the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Thailand ministry center.

Learning about making Thai pottery

Dr. Douglas Rutt and Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang were able to stay in Bangkok a few extra days.  This provided an opportunity for Dr. Rutt to learn more about Thailand by visiting one of the royal palaces in Ayuthaya Province and an area where many local handicrafts are produced.  By the time that the directors began to leave Bangkok to return to their home countries, they felt like they had come to know each other quite well.  Everyone is confident that this workshop will make it easier for them to encourage each other and to work together in the future.

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