LHMT Celebrates 20 Years of Ministry Blessings

Every year the director and staff of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) plan a Thanksgiving Banquet and program to show appreciation to their supporters and others who are friends of their ministry and to do fund raising.  But, this year’s banquet was special. 

On Saturday evening, March 24, 2012 approximately 200 friends and supporters of LHMT gathered together to celebrate their 20th anniversary of ministry in Thailand.  Under the theme “20 Years of Ministry Blessings,” the evening’s program focused on thanking their friends and supporters and thanking God for the wonderful way in which he has guided and provided for LHMT through the past two decades of ministry.

A number of special international guests also enjoyed the festivities.  Lutheran Hour Ministries country directors from Australia, Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka arrived a few days before their regional workshop, so that they could attend the celebration.  To make the evening even more special, each of the visiting country directors brought items from their homelands that could be included in the silent auction.

Dr. Douglas Rutt, Director of International Ministries for Lutheran Hour Ministries and Mrs. Gunya Na Thalang, Lutheran Hour Ministries Asia Counselor, were also present.  Dr. Rutt brought greetings from Mr. Bruce Wurdeman, Executive Director of Lutheran Hour Ministries and the staff in St. Louis and gave the message during the opening worship time.  In his message Dr. Rutt talked about the fact that Christianity is not a Western religion, as many people think.  In fact, Christianity is growing in many Asian countries, such as China.  Dr. Rutt also mentioned how good it was to know that LHMT didn’t stop doing ministry during disasters, such as the tsunami and recent flooding in Thailand.  Instead, LHMT used those disasters as opportunities to demonstrate God’s love to the victims by providing for some of their physical needs and by sharing the Good News through Gospel booklets and personal conversations. 

At the end of his message, on behalf of the Lutheran Hour Ministries headquarters in St. Louis, USA, Dr. Rutt presented LHMT with a beautiful lacquer picture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

In addition to special music provided by some friends of LHMT, two pastors gave testimonies about how they have appreciated being partners in ministry with LHMT in their communities in the past.  

To help everyone see some of the great things that God has done, a video was shown that highlighted many of the programs and activities that LHMT has done throughout its history.   The lanterns that served as the centerpieces on the tables were reminders that our focus should always be on Jesus.  Attached to each lantern was a note that read, “This light represents the light of Christ in our midst, as we serve together to lead people living in darkness on their Journey Into Light.”  Journey Into Light is the local name for LHMT.

We thank God for his goodness to us and for giving us the privilege of serving him through LHMT/Journey Into Light.  We pray that we will be able to continue serving him for many years to come.

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