Members from 6 Churches Attend ETS Training

Muang Phetchabun Church in Muang District, Phetchabun Province was the location of the most recent Equipping the Saints (ETS) training conducted by the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff. 

A total of 85 people from 6 churches in the area participated in the training on February 25, 2012.  Because it takes about 5 hours to drive to the church from Bangkok, the LHMT team had to use February 24 and 26 as travel days.  Although the trip was quite tiring, the team was very happy, because God richly blessed the time they had with the church members. 

The director conducted the first 3 modules of the training, Mr. Siam led module 4 and Mr. Tak was responsible for modules 5-7.  The team was able to make many good connections with the participants and was happy to see how eager everyone was to receive the training. 

Even before the training ended, some of the church members were talking about how they could use the ideas and materials to do evangelism in the communities near their churches.  They especially appreciated receiving the Gospel bracelets and learning how to use their fingers to help them share their faith.  The church members said that they felt much more confident sharing the Gospel with their friends and family.  They really appreciated how practical the training was. 

One highlight of the training was that more than 40 youth attended. 

At the end of the training a number of people asked to start studying the LHMT Bible Correspondence Course.  Others wanted to receive the Children’s Bible Correspondence Course, so their children also could learn more about the Bible. 

Everyone was interested in learning more about the different ministries that LHMT does throughout Thailand.  The team was asked to return and do another training on other topics that would be helpful to the church members. 

Many people appreciated having the opportunity to purchase Christian materials and books from the team, because there is no Christian bookstore in that area.  During the breaks there were always a number of people at the product table. 

The LHMT team look forward to working with the church members in that area again.  Some good relationships were started and 10 people asked to become LHMT volunteers.  It’s very encouraging to know that they want to become part of the LHMT team in reaching out to the people of Thailand with the good news about Jesus.

By the time the team was ready to return to Bangkok, 32 church members had signed up to receive the encouraging Gospel text messages.  We look forward to continued communication with them, the pastors and other church members in the future.

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