More than 130 People Were Happy to Attend the “Cheerful Life” Listener Gatherings

Khok Kloi Lutheran Church, in the town of Khok Kloi in southern Thailand, was the site of our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) Listener Gathering on February 18, 2012.  Before the event began our LHMT staff spent time interacting with people in a local market and promoting the LHMT radio programs.  They met some people who already listen to our programs and found 11 other people who said they would like to start listening.  When they heard about the Cheerful Life program, they said it sounded very interesting to them.


Including church members, a total of 69 people attended the Listener Gathering from 3:00-5:00pm.  Although some regular listeners weren’t able to attend, 24 long time listeners joined the activities.  Also attending were 13 people who have been listening to Cheerful Life for just a short time.  Seven of them have never been to a church before.  As a follow-up with these 7 people, LHMT is sending them the Bible Correspondence Course, so they can begin to learn more about the Bible and who Jesus is.  The pastor and church members also will follow-up with the other listeners who attended.

Everyone enjoyed the games and songs that the LHMT staff led.  It was the first time that many of them had met the pastor and church members.  Pastor Suchart Choojit gave a message about the true love that comes to us through Jesus. 

The main purpose of these events is for LHMT staff to meet listeners personally and to work closely with the pastor and church members.  One highlight of the day was meeting members of one of the families that were victims of the 2005 tsunami in southern Thailand.  We got to know this family when we did a relief project for all tsunami victims in their community.  Although they haven’t visited the church for about 7 years, when they heard about our Listener Gathering they came back to see our staff again.

The next day our LHMT staff traveled to the town of Takuapa to conduct a Listener Gathering at Takuapa Lutheran Church.  A total of 63 people participated in the activities that afternoon from 2:00-4:00pm.  Our staff met 16 long time listeners and 25 people who recently began listening to our radio programs.  This was the first time that 14 of them had ever been to a church.  Pastor Suchart Srigagarn, pastor of Takuapa Lutheran Church, also gave a message about the true meaning of love. 

When our staff promoted our radio programs in the local market in Takuapa, 19 people said that they were interested and would start listening.  Our staff were glad that everyone was happy to join in all the singing and games and that the pastor and church members were able to begin building relationships with so many listeners.

We are sending the Bible Correspondence Course to the 14 people who never visited a church before and the pastor and church members will be doing follow-up activities with all listeners who attended.

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