LHMT Receives Thank You Letter

Mr. Somchai Tiengum (L) and Mr. Songsin Manosat

Although we received many thanks from the Bang Pood Samakee 3 Community leaders and residents when we completed our activities on Children’s Day, we also just received a very nice thank you letter from them.  The following is a translation of the letter we received from Mr. Somchai Tiengum (Community Vice-Chairman) and Mr. Songsin Manosat (Committee Member).   

Thank you letter from Bang Pood Samakee 3 Community

“Dear Director and Team,
On behalf of the committee and members of Bang Pood Samakee 3 Community I would like to say thank you to your Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand team for conducting activities and giving gifts to our children on Children’s Day on January 14.  We felt very impressed and the children had a lot of fun.  If anything caused you trouble or made you feel upset, we want to apologize.  The Bang Pood Samakee 3 committee members, the residents and I want to wish happiness and hope to you and the people you love and that your Christian God will bless you throughout the New Year.”

We feel very impressed with the leaders and residents of Bang Pood Samakee 3 Community.  We enjoyed getting to know them and we look forward to being involved with them again in the future.


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