A Happy Day After Many Days of Suffering

Children registering to receive gift sets and door prizes

The Lutheran Hour Ministry Thailand (LHMT) director and staff spent part of Children’s Day on January 14 in Bang Pood Samakee 3.  This is one of the communities where LHMT assisted flood victims through the Flood Relief Packs project last month.  Bang Pood Samakee 3 had been under water for more than two months when LHMT first visited there.  After distributing the packs, LHMT accepted an invitation from one of the community leaders to return on Children’s Day to lead special activities for the children.


LHMT staff welcoming children

This Children’s Day was different from past years in Bang Pood Samakee 3.  This was the first time that they planned to have all the children gather together in one place.  Usually they had divided the children into several groups according to the different areas of the community in which they live.  This year more than 100 adults and 97 children attended.  A number of residents prepared free food.  Others sang songs or provided other entertainment from the stage that was set up for this special occasion.

Between 6:00-7:00pm LHMT staff started the entertainment time by teaching several children’s songs and having them all sing together.  They also

Explaining Children's BCC to parents and inviting children to join

led some games, gave out lots of door prizes, talked about the Children’s Day motto, advertised the LHMT Children’s Bible Correspondence Course and SMS text messaging program.  They ended their portion of the program by praying for the children and the families in the community.

When the LHMT staff arrived on Children’s Day, many of the Bang Pood Samakee 3 residents greeted them with warm smiles and friendly handshakes.  Several of them mentioned how much they appreciated the help that LHMT gave them.  It was fun spending time with them and sharing in their Children’s Day celebration.

LHMT staff having fun leading songs

As the LHMT director and staff were leaving, the Bang Pood Samakee 3 community leaders and other residents gave them many gifts of food to take home with them.  They were very pleased with the program LHMT led and asked us to return on Children’s Day again next year.  We were very happy to accept their invitation.

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