Project to Help Flood Victims is Completed

We distributed 2,100 Flood Relief Packs through this project

The original goal of the Flood Relief Packs Project was to provide 2,000 families, who suffered because of the floods, with rice, instant noodles, sardines, cooking oil, fish sauce, salt, sugar, medicine, a flashlight and batteries.  Although modifications had to be made, the project has been completed successfully.

After the first 1,000 packs were prepared and delivered to flood victims in several communities, the water began receding.  The time for cleaning homes and businesses was beginning, so the project team decided to make a change for the remaining packs.  Cleaning supplies were purchased and another 1,000 packs were assembled.

The houses in Ruam Gua Community in Tawee Wattana District in Bangkok had been flooded for 4 months.  When our team arrived there on December 22, the area finally was dry and the residents were beginning the big task of throwing out destroyed furniture and personal items, sweeping away trash and trying to remove the mold from the floors and walls of their homes.  They were very happy that we could provide Flood Relief Packs of cleaning supplies to all 672 families in their area.  The packs contained a pail, a brush, 3 sponges with cleaning pads, a container of cleaning liquid, 2 bottles of mosquito repellant, 2 pair of rubber gloves, a dozen cloth masks, 3 cleaning cloths and a container of skin balm.

On December 26 our team traveled to Tahan Bok Community and distributed cleaning packs to 300 families. The remaining 28 packs were given to the victims in the neighborhood around our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand office, who had been volunteering to help us with this project.

After delivering all 1,000 cleaning packs, we had some project money left. So we purchased more cleaning supplies and were able to deliver an extra 100 packs to more victims in Tahan Bok Community.

Our thanks to LCMS World Relief and Human Care, the Lutheran Hour Ministries headquarters in St. Louis and the Garuna Foundation for providing the funding for this project.  We thank God for the opportunity to help a total of 2,100 families who suffered from the flooding.

We’re happy that this project made it possible for us to get to know a number of our neighbors, who very generously volunteered their time and energy to help us assemble and distribute the Flood Relief Packs.  In the weeks ahead we look forward to following up with some of the communities we helped.

We also want to thank all of you, who donated money to this project and who have been praying for us and the Thai people affected by the worst flooding in Thailand in more than 50 years.  We very much appreciate your support and partnership in our ministry.

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