Another 500 Families Receive Flood Relief Packs

We're thankful to LCMS World Relief and Human Care, Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Garuna Foundation for funding this project

After some delays in getting supplies for the second distribution of Flood Relief Packs, we were able to help flood victims in two more communities on Saturday, December 10.  Once again the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff are very thankful for the large number of volunteers who came on Friday, December 9 to help prepare the packs.  Even with so much help, it still took about five hours to place all of the items into another 500 packs.

Because there was still quite a lot of water in their area, the residents of Ladpladuk community in Bangbuathong District had to come out to the main road to receive their packs from us Saturday morning.  Even the big trucks that the Royal Thai Army so generously provided weren’t able to drive all the way into their village.  Although they had received donations from the King’s Pack, the provincial government and the Thai Red Cross during the past few months, they still were in need of help.  In spite of the fact that we caused a small traffic jam because we had to distribute the packs along the main road, we were able to help 200 families.

After lunch our team traveled to Bangpood Village at Wat Goo.  After giving Flood Relief Packs to 263 families, the community leader gave us a short tour of the neighborhood.  We were very impressed by the long ribbon of wooden walkways they had built and by the huge dike of sandbags that ran through the area.  Bangpood Village had definitely been hit hard by the floods.  Not only did the water level reach nearly 2 meters (more than 6½ feet), but their homes were flooded for 4 months.  Just recently were they able to walk on dry ground again, even though some water still remains in low-lying areas and in the ground floor of some houses.

After spending some time together, the community leader asked the LHMT director to return to Bangpood community with her staff to conduct some special activities on Children’s Day in January 2012.  We thank God that we were able to provide Flood Relief Packs to the residents and for the invitation to do ministry among them on Children’s Day.  We look forward to seeing them again.

We still had 147 Flood Relief Packs left, so we decided to help two other groups of flood victims.  Some of our LHMT staff, Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church members, students in the English classes at the church and other families in the neighborhood surrounding our LHMT office are still recovering from the floods.  We are providing 47 packs for those families.

Just across the road from our LHMT office and the church/English center is a stand for motorcycle taxis.  While the roads were flooded, the motorcycle taxi drivers weren’t able to use their motorcycles.  Some of them were without any income until the roads were dry again.  Others earned a little money by walking through the flooded streets, pulling small boats that were carrying a few people and some supplies.

Our LHMT staff identified motorcycle taxi drivers whose homes were damaged in the floods.  We gave Flood Relief Packs to the families of 100 of those motorcycle taxi drivers.

We’re very grateful to LCMS World Relief, Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Garuna Foundation for donating the funding for this project.  We also want to thank the LCMS missionaries, Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation Thailand director and staff, Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church members and people from the shops near our LHMT office for volunteering their time and energy to help assemble and distribute the Flood Relief Packs.

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