Flood Victims Appreciate Receiving Flood Relief Packs

Our team worked well together assembling the flood relief packs

On Saturday, November 26 we packed the first 500 bags for the Flood Relief Packs.  About 12 people helped, including Mrs. Gunya NaThalang (our Lutheran Hour Ministries Asia Counselor), our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff, our 2 LCMS long term volunteers, several members of Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church, a few students from the English classes and some neighbors who run shops near our LHMT office.

Most of the people in that group also helped deliver 390 packs to flood victims on Sunday, November 27.  With the generous free assistance of 2 big Royal Thai Army trucks we were able to carry our team and packs to three locations.  The community leader we worked with did a very good job of organizing the distribution in each place, so that every family that was supposed to receive a pack got one with no problem.

Our first stop was at Wat Baw School, where we gave packs to the families of 50 teachers who were victims of the floods.

Next we went to Village 5 in Bang Ta Nai sub-district in Pak Kret District that has been under water for more than two months.  The water there is still nearly 120 centimeters (4 feet) deep.  The people had to come to the meeting point in small boats to collect their packs.  We helped 220 families there.

Then we went to Village 4 in Bang Ta Nai sub-district, where we gave packs to 120 families.

Some of the people told us that they had received some help before, but they got only individual box lunches and small packs with just a few items inside.  They had never been given packs with so many helpful things, as they received from us.  On Monday the local organizer, Teacher Wanwalee, called to thank us and to tell us that many people had contacted her and said how much they appreciated the Flood Relief Packs and that they enjoyed meeting our team.

Everyone on our team had a good time working together and giving our time and energy to help these flood victims.  Spending the day working together was a good opportunity for us to continue getting to know our neighbors better.

They all said that they’re eager to help us again when we receive the supplies for the next 500 Flood Relief Packs.

Next week we will go to Lad Pla Duk community in Bang Bua Tong district to distribute the rest of the packs that we were able to purchase for the first phase of the Flood Relief Packs project.

We are experiencing some delays in ordering the supplies for the next 500 packs, but we pray that we’ll be able to distribute those soon.

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  1. Oh friends! My eyes teared up watching you in action yet again! We love you so much with the love of Jesus! Praise God you are able to be in ministry in the midst of a difficult time. Hugs to each of you!!!

    Mary Stafford

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