Flood Water Rises Again Unexpectedly

Although we had expected the flood waters to begin going down, the water level in northern Bangkok went up again on Saturday, October 29.  One reason is because of the high ocean tides, which make it difficult for the flood waters to empty into the ocean.  Reports say that the high tides will go down during the first few days of November.

Another reason that the water level went up is that a group of people in Don Muang District damaged one of the barriers that was preventing the water from coming into the Changwattana Road area.  This is where our LHMT office is located, plus the church/English center (where the volunteer English teachers live) and the LCMS office.  The people were angry, because they thought the dike was causing their area to be flooded.  By breaking the barrier they hoped the water would leave their area.

As the water level rises, the level of the dikes must also rise.

One of the main purposes of the dike is to prevent flooding at the headquarters of the Bangkok Waterworks Authority (BWA), which is located near the LHMT office.  The BWA provides clean water to all homes and businesses in the Bangkok metropolitan area.  If the BWA headquarters gets flooded, then everyone in a very large area might not have running water in their homes.

On Saturday the LHMT director and her husband went to the Changwattana area to see the situation.  A 4-kilometer (2.6 miles) section of Changwattana Road was flooded.  The road in front of our LHMT office had 50-70 centimeters (about 25-28 inches) of water.

The water reached the sand bags in front of our LHMT office.

We thank God that the sand bags in front of our office were still preventing the water from entering the building.  From the time the floods began until now, the water hasn’t gone inside our building or the church/English center.

We feel sorry for so many people who live not far from our office, who have deep flood water in their homes.  In some places the water is 1.5 meters (about 5 feet) deep.  Some of the residents in those neighborhoods had to be evacuated by small boats and army trucks.  Thousands of people are living in temporary shelters set up by the government in some schools and government buildings and in shelters provided by private companies.

Long line of people boarding army truck to return to their homes.

The army soldiers and trucks also are helping people go in and out of some flooded areas, so that they can buy supplies and go to work.  Supermarkets like Tesco-Lotus, Big C and Makro are still open, although some of their shelves are beginning to be empty.  It’s difficult for their trucks to get through flooded areas to resupply their stores.

Our LHMT director and all of our staff are safe, but the flood water entered some of their homes a few days ago.

As the flood water passes through our area in northern Bangkok, it is moving closer to the central business section of Bangkok.  The Bangkok governor has been trying to block the water from entering that area, because it will cause a very big problem for the economy of Thailand.

We appreciate all the prayers that you have said on our behalf and ask that you continue to pray for our safety and protection.  Also, please pray for God’s blessing on the thousands of people who have been evacuated from their homes.

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