Bangkok Flood Update

The road in front of our building usually floods for a few hours after each heavy rain

The flood waters continue to move closer to our area, but we thank God that they haven’t yet reached us.  We do get temporary flooding in our neighborhood, because of the heavy rains that we get almost every day.  But that is a normal situation during the rainy season and the water stays for only a few hours.

Just this afternoon the big flood waters came to some areas about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from our location.  For now we’re safe and able to continue doing our normal ministry activities.  However, we will probably need to reschedule some programs that we planned to do in late October and November.

Sand bags protect our building from temporary floods

We’ve been busy preparing ourselves in case the floods come to our building.  Outside, we placed many sandbags across our front entrance.  Inside, because our Christian bookstore is on the ground floor, we removed our products from the lower shelves and cabinets and are storing them on higher shelves and on the second floor.

Some reports indicate that the floods will continue to reach new areas in the next few days.  The government and a few other groups are saying that the worst is over and Bangkok will be protected.  Rain still comes almost every day, so most people in Bangkok remain concerned.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and for the people of Thailand, especially those who are caught in the flooded areas.  We appreciate your prayers very much.

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