Fun with English Ends with Tears of Joy

With many tears and hugs the team from Brookfield Lutheran Church said thank-you and farewell to the Fun with English program participants.  In just 5 days many good friendships were begun and deep connections made between the team from the United States and their brothers and sisters in Thailand.

During the program everyone spent a lot of time talking together, so that the Thai participants could practice speaking English.  Each day several cultural topics were discussed, as they compared life inThailand with life in the US.  Although they identified many ways in which the two societies are different, everyone agreed that there were also many similarities that helped them feel close to each other.  Some of the topics included education, cooking, seasons, transportation, families, weddings, holidays, animals, sports, fruits and flowers. 

One thing that everyone seemed to enjoy was singing.  They shared children’s songs, Christian songs and songs translated from Thai into English.  Fun action songs were a particular favorite.  Laughter was a common language as new friends bumped hips, hooked elbows and waved their arms in the air in time with the music.  TheBrookfield team was surprised to find themselves singing some Thai songs. 

During one session the group was divided into small groups and each group did a skit about a Bible story.  A lot of creativity was displayed as they planned very funny skits with only 15 minutes to prepare. 

By the end of the week it was easy to see that the Thai participants were much more comfortable using English, even though they often had difficulty trying to express themselves.  Having fun together and enjoying getting to know each other provided a very positive atmosphere. 

The LHMT team very much enjoyed working with the Brookfield team and getting to know them well.  We thank God for sending an excellent team of people with such loving hearts to join us in ministry this week.  As we worked together, talked together and prayed together, we could feel God’s Spirit connecting us in His love. 

The program accomplished the goal of providing an opportunity for the Lutheran Hour Ministry Thailand (LHMT) director and staff to meet new people from the community.  They plan to make follow-up contacts with each of them in the next few weeks. 

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